Mad Hatters' Review

Poem by Tricia Louvar

Posted on April 3, 2012

The Colombian Bird Flap Gesture

Flock of Colombian birds flap and inspect tuffaceous
sweets by a lost duffel coat. With her hips she pulls
the wagon connected to a rope through a flooded plane
lining the boardwalk. The moon has messed up the tides
and their disposals of truth, again. The kids ask if they're going to get wet.
She spits out all that has already headed into her mouth:
a male thumb, an evil eye, a savage assault on masturbation,
those minced steps, that cockeyed retaliation on a limp-wrist flick.
How can you ever brace yourself for the unknown, the boy asks.
Don't lock your knees; keep ‘um bent, loose-y yet tight; lessens the blow, son. Mama's vagina had become an amulet but they didn't know that.
They thought she was their shipwrecked angel who never landed on her back.

Tricia Louvar lives on the fringe of a cool city, which she rarely penetrates, because she likes to hang out around the moth hatches and the turkey vultures. She builds rock sculptures in the backcountry and boulders. For more of her work, please visit .


Two poems by Emmanuel Uweru Okoh

Posted on April 2, 2012

Sixth Realm

The night denied the day and cursed light
But never forget the tale of the fair king:
Triumphant in all, but one-death.

Who, then are you to move?
Who sanctioned your progress?
Who willed your will?

But, on this path, they trudged
Frail and bowed limbs
Sketched on Virgin lands
If you will, tighten those bone pieces
With loose tendrils – We have a long way.

But, distance is vague, meaningless in this quest.
In this new realm, time is futile:
We breathe in endless sequence.


This Clock

Didn't we just say it?
Predictable antique on a constant loop. There you are,
Making tickling turns. Pro-cyclic rings of little rest.

Again, if we ask, please don't tell.
The sun plays your role; unending natural timepiece
Slow to burn or lie in faulty sequence.

We just noticed,
You've been on, and on: years and more and some more
Ticking and making unsolicited rounds, forever

Emmanuel Uweru Okoh is a Nigeria-based writer. His work has been published in NEXT, Saraba magazine, Sentinel Nigeria , Naijastories and ITCH magazine of South Africa . Emmanuel lives and works in Lagos , Nigeria .


One Response to Two poems by Emmanuel Uweru Okoh

•  Grace Ita Amaegbe says:

April 19, 2012 at 11:14 am

I love dis writer's thoughts


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