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Bob Arter lives in California and is afflicted with both the sniffles and a nasty addiction to codeine-laced Robitussin. His work has appeared in Zoetrope All-Story Extra, the Absinthe Literary Review, Gator Springs Gazette, Ink Pot, Opium, Pindeldyboz, Smokelong Quarterly, and most recently, Night Train. He’s a kindly old geezer, but rife with perversity.
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Russell Bittner is a Brooklyn-based fetishist whose favorite pair of heels go hiking in a thing called poetry – late at night; behind locked doors; with the lights dimmed. He has been published on paper by: The American Dissident; The Blind Man’s Rainbow; The Lyric; The Barbaric Yawp; The International Journal of Erotica; and Wicked Hollow. Two of his poems appeared in Diverse Publications, Ltd. On-line, his poems can be found at such sites as:; ken*;;; and His prose is better defined, if also more severely restrained at other locations, including: Satin;;;; and He completed his first novel, Trompe-l’oeil, last Fall.

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Ken Bolton

Ken Bolton lives in Adelaide, South Australia, & works at the Experimental Art Foundation: he's published lots of books & also writes often on visual art. His disposition is sunny, his aesthetic razor sharp.

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Randall Brown

Randall Brown lives outside of Philadelphia with his wife Meg, a cabaret singer, their two children, and Frodo, a toy poodle who's grown to miniature status. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in numerous journals including The Iconoclast, Del Sol Review, Hobart, Timber Creek Review, and Ink Pot, and he recently received a Puschart nomination. He’s currently completing an MFA in Fiction Writing at Vermont College and, as an editor at SmokeLong Quarterly, jumping headfirst into the slush pile. Also, he’s supposed to be writing a novel, but that’s really hard to do.

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Daphne Buter, Contributing Artist

Daphne Buter was born and raised in Amsterdam. She published two books by De Bezige Bij & Thomas Rap publishers. Translated from the Dutch stories are published in Snow Monkey [print] and in Cadenza (UK) [print]. Stories she wrote direct in English are published in FRiGG Magazine, Edifice Wrecked, Dicey Brown, SmokeLong Quarterly, Sleeping Fish and The Beat.

Forthcoming: One of her translated short stories is accepted by Night Train. A translated short story is accepted by Inkstains for their webzine, and a short she wrote directly in English for Inkstains print magazine.

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Rebecca Cook

Rebecca Cook writes poetry and prose and teaches English at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Her work has been published in many literary journals and magazines including Rock Salt Plum, Exquisite Corpse, Northwest Review, Carve, 3rd Muse, and Storysouth. Her fiction chapbook Soaping the Stream was one of four finalists in the 2003 Flume Press Competition and she recently completed her first full-length poetry manuscript The Terrible Baby, a baby that is currently screaming for a publisher. Visit her website rebecca’s box or email her at

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Stan Crocker

Stan has been described as a “progressive revelation” or as others have put it “a 50 year old man doing a strip tease”. Peel the layers and you will find an artisan who sold his first work at the tender age of 14; about the time he began playing with mercury and other heavy metals. His poetry has been published in church bulletins for funeral services and his short stories have appeared in the Urban Hiker. And last but certainly not least, because he has “opinions”, the Raleigh News and Observer has chosen to publish them in their storied pages. He wears his mad hat proudly and with eleemosynary aplomb.

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Marcel DeClercq

Marcel DeClercq is a freelance writer who hangs his mad chapeau on a rare rack of lamb near the shores of Lake St. Clair in the quaint peninsula of Michigan, Land of the Free, home of the Braves, Tigers, Lions, and Pistons. His brilliant romantic-comedy “Bloodsuit” (Dracula comes back as an attorney) was a recent semi-finalist in the American Accolades Screenwriting Competition and is destined for grapeness.

Marcel is of Belgian-Choctaw extraction. He is as old as the Oklahoma hills and as crazy as a shit house rat. Like Henry Miller, he aspires to be “Always merry and bright!” and yet paradoxically believes as Cervantes did that “all comparisons are odious.” An inveterate cinema buff, Marcel is a connoisseur of good wine, fast women, and Sloe Gin. His philosophy is gleaned from the Bhagavad-Gita, "Tropic of Cancer", Jerome K. Jerome’s “Three Men in a Boat” and the collected works of Walt Kelly. In a recent interview published in The Fort Mudge Daily, Marcel’s bipolar Aunt Polly said, “He’ll be President some day, if they don’t hang him first.”

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Allison Gibbons, Contributing Artist
Allison Gibbons was born in Scotland after WW2; the child of former political prisoners of a Japanese Prision Camp in Shanghai. Allison lives in Californian whine country these days. Enchanted by “world making” since childhood, she often transformed shoe-boxes into tiny cottages for very small bears. She manipulated photography in art school in the 1960’s by enlarging images onto Kodalith film, airbrushing fantastic colors and mixing medias before it was popular. She created “sculptural photography” by applying liquid emulsion onto cut out Plexiglas and wood, and then spraying developer onto projected imagery. She enjoyed two shows at Focus Gallery in San Francisco and several shows throughout the city and Marin County. She was featured in the online magazine, Intrigue, in May, 2004.

Allison is fascinated with multi-dimensional worlds made possible through manipulated digital imagery. She takes the photographs herself, manipulates them with PhotoShop and Painter, and combines story telling and various visual techniques, such as fading,transitions, and layering. Allison’s images are also rooted in her short story and novel writing; often the same characters appear in both works, as well as oil paintings. Her website/journal, My Cartoon Life, is at

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Didi S. Gilson, Contributing Artist
Didi S. Gilson (aka Didi S. DubelyeW) is an award-winning creative photographer, writer and artist who prefers the whatchamacallit of the word: ECLECTIC to the more neurotic-sounding label: erratic. Her works have been exhibited, purchased, published, commissioned, (bent, spindled and mutilated), performed, recorded, broadcast and more. Although a New York City native, for the last four years she has made her home at the coastal beach of Anna Bay, New South Wales, Australia. After a short decompression from hanging chads, classic film cameras, and traditional exposure techniques/darkroom procedures, she has resumed exploring her fresh personal vision in our Digi-(R)Evolution... Concurrently, Didi co-writes screenplays for Hollywood, and other offbeat hamlets, in cahoots with her Aussie partner, Phil Gilson. Her website is:
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Daniela Gioseffi

Daniela Gioseffi, poet, novelist, playwright, performer, has traveled widely, presenting her works throughout North America and Europe: at Princeton and Oxford, to The Universities of Venice and Madrid and Barcelona., from the The Peoples Poetry Gathering in New York City to the Miami International Book Fair, and the Geraldine R. Dodge National Festival at Waterloo Village. She has lectured at hundreds of major universities, cultural centers and international book fairs, and performed her works for National Public Radio and Pacifica Radio affiliates in the U.S., CBC, Canada, and the BBC in London. Her Women on War: International Writingss won an American Book Award, 1990, was published in Vienna and London, and reissued in a new best selling edition, 2003. Her novel, The Great American Belly (Doubleday/Dell: NY & New English Library, London) was optioned for a screenplay by Warner Bros. Her fiction, "Daffodil Dollars" from her collection of stories: In Bed with the Exotic Enemy, (Avisson Bks: Greensboro NC, 1997) won a PEN, 1990 fiction award and was aired on National Public Radio's "The Sound of Words," hosted by Alan Cheuse. In 1993, she published her world compendium, On Prejudice: A Global Perspective. (Anchor/Doubleday) which was translated into Japanese and published in Tokyo, as well as London. It won a Ploughshares Fund, World Peace Foundation Award, and was presented at the United Nations. Poems contained in her first book, Eggs in the Lake (BOA, Editions, Ltd.1990) won grant awards from The New York State Council for the Arts. She published three subsequent out-of-print chapbooks: Word Wounds & Water Flowers, 1995, Going On: 2000, and Symbiosis, 2002. Daniela has taught literature and creative writing at several colleges and universities in the Metropolitan area and abroad.

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Marja is a slacker and procrastinator from the Scandinavian woods where she might have been raised by wolves.

She has been living in Chicago since 1985 where she writes very short fiction, mostly because of her short attention span and poor vocabulary. If she is lucky, she may now and then manage to write a screenplay or an essay.

When she can't keep her English, Swedish and Finnish apart, she calms herself down by painting, illustrating and drawing cartoons.

She is currently working on a picture book about six Japanese cats.

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Debbie Ann Ice

Debbie Ann Ice lives in Connecticut, a blue state with a red feel to it, with her husband, bulldog, and two boys. Her work has been published here and there. She spends her time reading and writing in the winter because it is too cold to do anything else.

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John Jenkins

Winner of the 2004 James Joyce Foundation Suspended Sentence Award, John Jenkins traveled in that year to Ireland, Paris and Beijing as part of his prize. He lives in Kangaroo Ground, Victoria, Australia, on the fringe of the Yarra Valley, where he takes a keen interest in conservation and local politics. He has written several books on music, edited a collection of travel stories and edited two books of short fiction. His verse novel, A Break in the Weather (Modern Writing Press, 2003) was short-listed for a major Australian award for fiction. He has also won major Australian prizes for poetry. John’s most recent poetry collection is Dark River (Five Islands Press, 2003). A journalist of many years and wide-ranging experience, John also teaches creative writing subjects at Australian universities.

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Liesl Jobson

Liesl Jobson teaches at Sacred Heart College, Johannesburg. Her writing has appeared in South African literary journals Timbila, New Coin, New Contrast, Live Poets Society and Botsotso and is forthcoming in Oasis, Cacophony, Wild Strawberries, Gator Springs Gazette, Smokelong Quarterly (USA), lichen literary journal (Canada) and The Journal (UK). Online publications include Mississippi Review, Exquisite Corpse, Pindeldyboz, FRiGG and Opium. She is currently a student of the MA in Creative Writing programme of the University of the Witwatersrand and can be contacted at

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Rae Desmond Jones

Rae Desmond Jones lives in Sydney, Australia. As Mayor of his local area, he is focused on encouraging the arts. He writes a weekly column in the local paper on political events and the arts. Rae is the author of two published novels, a book of short stories, four books of poetry, a video/DVD, and a record. Rae has also been published in numerous magazines, including online Jacket, and in a recent anthology, The Best Australian Poems of 2003.

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Roy Kesey

Roy Kesey was born in California, and currently lives in Beijing with his wife and children. His short stories have been or will soon be published in McSweeney’s, Other Voices, The Georgia Review, The Iowa Review, Quarterly West, Prism International and The Mississippi Review, among other magazines. His dispatches from China appear regularly on the McSweeney’s website, and his “Little-known Corners” column appears monthly in That’s Beijing.

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Miriam N. Kotzin

Miriam N. Kotzin teaches creative writing and literature at Drexel University where she directs the Certificate Program in Writing and Publishing. Her poetry and fiction have appeared and are forthcoming in many print and online publications such as: Boulevard, Southern Humanities Review, 3711 Atlantic, Three Candles, Flashquake, Edifice Wrecked, Thieves Jargon, Carve, Dead Mule, FRiGG, SaucyVox, Gator Springs Gazette, Small Spiral Notebook, Plum Ruby Review and Word Riot. She also writes and publishes fiction with Bill Turner, and their work has appeared or is forthcoming in, among others, Thieves Jargon, Dogwood Journal, Monkey Bicycle, Somewhat and Admit Two. In 2004 two of her poems were nominated for a Pushcart Prize. More information and links are available at her website

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Christopher Morrow

Christopher Morrow is a London based writer of Crime Fiction...well, he says, it's Fiction, honest it is.

What? You argueing? You are actually argueing with me?

See this?

Yes it is a sawn off, clever weasel in't you?

Dead one too.

Bye, bye muppet.


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Julie Ann Shapiro

At the age of nine Julie sprouted wings and became a lady bug on paper. It’s her first recorded morphing that we know about. The lady bug followed her to college and afterwards got a bit lost in her career in marketing communications.

One day the lady bug sat on her windshield for a two hour drive. Julie wrote about the lady bug in a poem, poems grew to stories, and flying flashes and bending reality became a way of life.

Julie works now as a freelance writer. Her short stories and essays have appeared in the San Diego Union Tribune, Mega Era Magazine, Millennium Shift, Orgease Journal, Alternate Species, Story South, Science Fiction and Fantasy World, Seven Seas Magazine, Word Riot, Green Tricycle, All Things Girl, Ultimate Hallucination, The Glut, Somewhat, Dovetail Journal, Uber, Moon Dance, The Quarterly Staple, Opium Magazine, Journal of Modern Post, Rumble, Cellar Door Magazine, Edifice Wrecked, and The Beat. Julie is working on a novel.

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Aura Spivak

I both reside and study English literature and poetry in Western Massachusetts. I am a twenty-something gal who enjoys hot chocolate in both winter and summer and any type of swing (especially hammocks).
I've had the good fortune to travel extensively throughout Europe and the Mid-East and look forward to more good fortune. I deeply love the Red Sox, the Patriots, and that bumblebees can fly, despite proof to
the contrary. Both an avid reader and scuba-diver, I have grand fantasies that one day, I'll be a medievalist professor and that Sean Connery will anoint me as a Bond Bitch: Secret Agent Aura Gasm. In the words of St. Augustine in his _Confessions_, "Da mihi castitatem et continentiam, sed noli modo." (Translation: "Give me chastity and continence, but not yet!) Yes, I'm wicked eclectic.

This is Aura’s first publication.

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Mona Lia Ventress

Mona-Lia Ventress is an Emmy nominated composer. She is also a part owner of Partners In Rhyme, and a travel writer who's putting the finishing touches on her forthcoming book entitled Horizontal Rain, the story of her experiences living in New Zealand.
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