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Cover Art by Didi S Gilson
"What Lies Within" by Steve Kane
Mad Hatters' Review
Issue 1

Patriot Act by Russell Bittner
To Generalize by Ken Bolton
Bound By One Wet Planet by Daniela Gioseffi
Waiting Room by John Jenkins
Missive from Shakaland by Liesl Jobson
The Wise Scimitar by Miriam Kotzin
United Dames of America by Aura Spivak
Nice Easy by Bob Arter
Swollen by Randall Brown
The Bird of Stone by Daphne Buter
Grackles by Ben Cunningham
The Trunk of My Car by Roy Kesey
Doing It by Chris Morrow
Tiger Dog Horse McFadden by Julie Shapiro
Duck Goose by Paul A. Toth
For the Common Good of the People by Alla Michelle Watson
The Little Room by Donia Carey
Father in Three by Rebecca Cook


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