Little Room (c) 2005 Didi Gilson
Art by Didi Gilson
Recital by Donia Carey

The Little Room

by Donia Carey



If I had you in a room a little room a secret room just you and me and a bed or a mattress a rug the bare floor but better a bed when I have you in this room this little room with windows no windows ok one window a moon a lamp candles a single candle nearly dark but just enough light to see your eyes the pupils widening your face your body your long alabaster body yes you on your back your arms raised toward me no pinned down I pin them down my body a bridge above you and I straddle you clench your sharp-boned hips between my thighs bend to kiss your mouth beneath the waterfall of my hair your lips taste sweet taste salt and I drink your saliva like a bee a hummingbird a cat an infant a prospector in the desert then my face burrows into your mossy armpit tang of spring earth autumn leaves pungent smoke it is quiet no traffic no radios no dawn garbage men wrestling barrels just a humming my blood your blood and somewhere a clock ticking no there will be no clocks only hearts lungs flesh and I fall against you and your arms are free now free to encircle my body and turn us around like a propeller a windmill in a wild spin-the-bottle and we’re doing the old missionary jitterbug now and I want to wait I would beg you to wait but your mouth is hard on mine and your tongue or is it mine and it is too late too late oh love it is too late you rear your head back and howl to the gods I shudder I moan I wail I speak in tongues I ululate my body blurs into yours I slip I plummet through the fissures of time beyond the moon the Milky Way the music of the spheres washes over us and I hear the mermaids singing and then again the stickiness the broken window shade the little room.

Nut-Head Productions