Mad Hatters' Review Issue 10, Fall 2008
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Whatnots by
Jalina Mhyana
Music by Paul A. Toth

Not my Window by Carolyn AdamsSubmissions Guidelines

Manifestos, Maxims, Epistles, Diaristic Jottings, Narratives, Natural histories (written on the body, the body as edifice, building, mountain), Poems, Plays (playing, role playing, roll of the dice, in the hay, hey you, do you even see me typing this do you know what I’m screaming), Performances, Ramblings, Revelations (letting go, shutting up, giving up, giving in, arms at sides, upside down, going down, drowning, growing, growling, arms in prayer, arms on strings)…and all such ephemera as may appear necessary (tongues, effeminate ephemera F-ing body makes me cry) to bring society (body, soul, silent soul) into a slight tremolo (tremor, more, more or less, a quake, heart/earth break) of confusion and delight (yes). We’re interested in representations (symbols of ourselves, cyberselves, codes as masks, communion, communication). In naming (individuating that which brings us pleasure). In indicating (which way, how to, how long, safe word, safeunsafe sex). In schematics (you he she us we them our MINE, here and now, logic). In the labelling and taxonomy of things (pin us down, tack the wings, the arms with strings, move your great hand above, give us names and lives). In poems that masquerade as stories; in stories that disguise themselves (even our stories wear masks, is nothing nothing, does everything have to seem, why can’t we all just, but oh well) as indices (to see you more clearly, to find you, find you out, stack you on top of others, below, by name, date, sex) or obituaries (the ultimate?).We value the insides of things (velvet-lined gloves, the taste in your mouth that is only in your mouth, kisses in folds of skin, words in parentheses, lives in parentheses, comma, coma, come, cum) vi vis ect ion, urgency, risk (everything, fuck it), elegance (your fingers dominating a cigarette, eyes squinting to lines of blue tears), flamboyance (flames and buoyancy, boys aflame, flame-ous, famous boys), work that moves us (moves inside of us, through the safest words through our masks unpins unglues us from our velvet-lined mouths who are we?), language that does something new or old (I don’t know what I want, is it all opposites, duality, top and bottom, god help me I’m in between, what am I screaming for, do I even hear myself?). We like iteration and reiteration (and reiteration, reiteration, the strings on my tongue iterating rating x-rating, serrating my teeth, my desire a papercut). Ruins and ghosts (stones stacked bones and silent souls). Mechanical moving parts, balloons (to celebrate this and nothing) and frenzy (yes of course, but first let’s).

Edgy and Enlightened Literature, Art and Music in the Age of Dementia
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