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Mirela Ramona Tanta
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Mirela Ramona TantaMirela Ramona Tanta is a doctoral candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago, writing her dissertation “ Didactic Art or Sites of Resistance: Socialist Realism in Romania, 1945-1989.” Originally from Romania, where she thought philosophy and directed theater, she came to America as an ArtsLink program fellow in poetry and as a guest of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa. Fall of 2002, she won curator’s choice for Chicago’s Around the Coyote Arts Festival. Her creative publications include: Watchword, Another Chicago Magazine, and Milk Magazine. She has presented her scholarly work at: The Art Institute of Chicago, Indiana University, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
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Discretisima by Mirela Ramona Tanta
Discretisima by Mirela Ramona Tanta
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