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In Memorium and Celebration
A Tribute to Donia Adzima Carey

In Memorium & Celebration:
A Tribute to Donia Adzima Carey, former Editor and Friend
(March 24, 1934 – July 11, 2009)

I first “met” Donia online, on the writing workshop Donia was one of our first editors, with us for several years. She made many virtual friends on the zoetrope workshop website, and a few of us had the fortune to meet her “in the flesh.” We all loved her stories and poems, the musicality and humor that flowed out of her warm, amused self into her writings.

Donia CareyFor years, Donia was/had been afflicted with leukemia, frequently in and out of hospitals for tests and treatments, tiring easily, finally forced into a wheelchair. Her brilliant son Seth, a victim of Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS), died in August, 2005. His essay "The Absolute Worst Thing or Fun with ALS" was aired on the Sunday Morning Edition in September 2004, and can be heard on the NPR website. npr Seth

Despite the physical and emotional pains she endured, Donia displayed persistently a remarkable joie de vivre, sophisticated and sweetly bemused comedic perspective, and an intense interest in, and compassion for, others. Rather than succumbing to self-pity, irritability and withdrawal, she always found something intriguing about her predicament.

We all miss her and dedicate this tribute to Donia’s daughter, Diana Carey.

Carol Novack,




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