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Knock Our Hats Off Contest Winner
Judith Terzi
Honorable Mention Poetry

––starting with a line by Sappho


Who is the one with violets in her lap?
After the earth shook, she rang the bell
to warn the town to run. The women who sell
wool, their skeins spread out like garlands of tulips
and lilies, fled, but what about their shawls,
caps and gloves piled in the beds of trucks?
The sea grabbed boats of fishermen like a shark,
twisted roofs and furniture, churches and schools
in its wild walls. The rage complete, it displaced
their planks onto black sand, into forests and streets.
Violet is the light of mourning, luz divina,
luz of healing, luz of valor for Martina.
She is the one with violets; she knits wreaths
for the silt of the Río Maule and shredded lace.



Judith TerziJudith Terzi is the author of two chapbooks, The Road to Oxnard (Pudding House contest finalist, 2010) and Sharing Tabouli (Finishing Line, 2011). Her poetry has appeared widely in print and online and has been nominated for the Best of the Net (Untitled Country Review) and Best of the Web (Umbrella) Anthologies. She won second place in Newport Review's 2010 Bananagram Contest. She is a former high school French teacher.Visit her website.


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