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Feature: Moving Words
Heiko Daxl & Ingeborg FŁelepp

Neither I See the Sea

"Of no consequence either one way of the other."

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Neither I See the Sea by Heiko Daxl & Ingeborg FŁelepp



"Heiko Daxl and Ingeborg FŁelepp are renowned video and media artists who are at home in Berlin and in Zagreb and who are recognized in both cities. Since 1991 they work together as an artistic couple. The numerous works they have created bear witness to their joy of experimenting, always moving on the borderline to the unknown. Employing new technologies, they investigate different, so far unknown optic and acoustic phenomena. The observer's senses, his hearing, his sight and his touch, are always consciously engaged, irritating his perception. Daxl and Fülepp show new ways in the artistic exploration of the technical possibilities of creating sounds and abstract images which force the observer to an integrated reception. They seek to make the recipient think about the reality which is imparted to him in an artificial and technical way." Dr. Barbara Barsch, Director, ifa-Galerie Berlin, Institute for International Relations, May 2005

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