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Poetry by
Katherine Browne

Music by Paul A. Toth
Art by Leo Wijnhoven
Re: Catechism

Art by Leo WijnhovenAre the child cut outs turned inside out, are they more conic than they are square, are they sexless ‘Lupe’s like obese thighs sworn, too, unexplored?

Notice ‘Lupe’s saddle is on arouse. Her owl mouth pocket tails into moss and burrows mice in ma ma corner of a tongue. Girl be travelers with scratched arms. Her ears are genitals on backwards thin draping perceptive shapes, but still she warm fountainhead; virgin print crafted on carved wood




Fruit Rhythm

Art by Leo Wijnhoventrash lady dreams of India on her arm
dancing sutras all over her

vesicle marriage
legs from arms

metaphorical limbs
are the only white bird
in the spread

and they scribble
past her spasm garden
hand holding a landfill

wings piled inside
inside bird inside her

Art by Leo Wijnhoventhey’re pieces

and naturally


she may have something to save




My mother is less educated
by default, but still
I have her whore
and so she taught me
listen to eat every last
piece of food on your plate

I hated peas
Art by Leo Wijnhovenand so those were retainable
and my mother's Mexican
and so she never made peas
but lies

that I have to consider
were once pink on the tip
of my white father's foreskin

this I imagine them both
in the middle of dinner in the middle of

the six o’clock news
daddy telling my brothers
and me
once he shook,
shook Juarez.



Katherine BrowneKatherine Browne lives in Chicago, Illinois where she works atop a landfill and discovers manipulations of forms that were left behind. When she is not considering the kinds of trash sculptures that she can make, she is considering ways to escape. Recent work can be found on the Seven Corners blog.



Paul A. TothPaul A. Toth is the author of three novels, his latest being Finale. His next, Airplane Novel, will be released in July 2011. He also publishes poetry, nonfiction and multimedia pieces. Links to all of his work can be accessed via


Leo Wijnhoven. My work is about: The materialistic free-market-fundamentalism, globalism, with its uniformity and fragmentation (loss of coherence,-traditions,-identity ; alienation). And about the end of western modernism (with its controlling, and exploitation of nature). I'm not interested in modernistic personal “free” expression, but in communication(change of consciousness).

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