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Poetry by
Matt Dennison

Recitations by Author
Art by Bonny Finberg
The Soft Weep

Art by Bonny FinbergWith tongue touching nothing
the frenzy-coated alphabet
rattled from his mouth into
the soft weep of a thousand.
"I have only just footed this
ugly ascent's torn otherness,"

he cried, "so muscle the wound
and hush, Cantata, nor wince
the socket packed!"
O my father,
who art in pieces, who art in wax:
shoot your snakes into the coiling sun—
then drop your bow, and run.


St. Century

Anodynes of theft and memory’s feeding
tongues all neatly razored at the root defy
our lampblack salt. Cats vain the winter sky;
flies nestle, sup beneath nails for cruelty,
that simple onion cut. O Rage of the Isolate —
the sun lets go the air, the animal-flower unfolds;
and if we were to float, the cats would not mind at all.



Art by Bonny FinbergPlease mama
all I said was

how'd the
'lectricity know

papa's foot
was in that

bucket of
water if

you didn't.


Skin Still On

Oh papa, she cried,
almost dropping the platter of steaming
meats--how could you?

Now I’m never to wed for sure!



understanding nor
enjoying the presence
of the giant hand that
filled his room, he
kept his own
well hid.



Matt DennisonAfter a rather extended and varied second childhood in New Orleans (street musician, psych-tech, riverboat something-or-other, door-to-door poetry peddler, etc.), Matt Dennison finished his undergraduate degree at Mississippi State University where he won the National Sigma Tau Delta essay competition (as judged by X.J. Kennedy). He currently lives in a 100-year-old house with "lots of potential."


Bonny FinbergA native New Yorker, Bonny Finberg has traveled through Europe, India and Nepal. Her work has been translated into French, Japanese and Hungarian. Publisher's Weekly said that her work “exudes a stunning sensual sensibility." Her fiction, poetry and reviews have been published in numerous journals and anthologies and online zines. She is included in the Outlaw Bible of American Poetry (Thundersmouth.) Her chapbook of short stories, How the Discovery of Sugar Produced the Romantic Era was published by Sisyphus Press and is featured in the video 5 Guys Read Finberg. Her work appears in Evergreen Review, four Unbearables anthologies as well as Lost and Found: New York Stories from Mr. Beller’s Neighborhood and Best American Erotica, 1996 (Touchstone.) She is also a regular writer to A Gathering of Tribes. An excerpt of her novel Kali’s Day was published in The Brooklyn Rail.

In Paris she has contributed to Le Purple Journal, Upstairs at Duroc, and Van Gogh’s Ear the “Love” issue. Her photography has been published in both print and online art journals and exhibits, including the group show “A Book About Death” at the Emily Harvey Gallery in NY; “Seeking Kali;” and A Gathering of Tribes Magazine. Her work is archived in the "Downtown Writers" collection at the NYU Fales library.

She lives in Paris and New York, and is working on her second novel and a book of poetry.

Some of her work can be found on her blog, A Traveler’s Journey in Babel.


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