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Poetry by
Jason Price Everett

Music by Paul A. Toth
Art by AE Reiff

Gray Candy (excerpt)

Just rattle that shit on down
To the wide spot
In the road.

There will always be
Just enough
To warn the music
Not to stop

Or else you just might
Dive in swingin’.


(Hey – if it helps –
Scream all the way down!)

Art by AE ReiffSome crazy ass shit
Like total takeover

Le tumulte noir
In the grief-tinted

La revue nègre
And she dances
She dances



Where’d ya get that
Smile so sunny?

Six foot even
And hair like honey

Before I ever knew
What the stuff it was
Before I could take it
Or leave it alone

Shivering gloom
Of the family room
After all
Had gone to bed


Within the tomb
Of her warm lap
I laid my head

And her hand
Caressed my hair.

I lay a long lost while there.

Her lips were like whiskey
And her feet were bare.


Walking downhill
In the early air.

Sun rising in the east
Spread my shadow
Like conscience grease
Across the buildings
Of a waking world.

A rain pool
With stones
Nestled beneath
The eve drip


A silver scaled
Foil wrapped
Slice of torn

Art by AE ReiffLike a fish
From the sky
Tail bleeding

For once

And triumph rang within me
Like a bell.


Toils and pangs
And whaddaya know?

I know the feel.
I recognize
Her teeth in my hands.

Burn bitch
Whatchoo want
Whatchoo need
I say burn bitch
I say



Measure out the dosage.

Amount: one morning
With the blue light out
And the brown porch railing
And the lone blue mug

Abandoned there.

As a solitary ant
Crawled up
And around
And around it

Never stopping
In its passage.


Can only save the day –

Leave it out
Too long

And watch


This quivering tower
Of year-old mayonnaise
Yellow at the edges
Shot through with
Stale ketchup
Still warm from
The wound.

Never could stop the bleed.

You know.


And if you don’t
Help me
Pray for the cancer

(Once you turn it on
It’s hard to turn it off)

Flag of Trinidad
Eaten by strange weathers
In the window
‘Cross the way


With the bipolar stripe
The bimetallic strip
Dividing and spanning
A sea built of blood
And forgotten kindnesses.

I know that sea.

Pray for the cancer.


It’s never very deep.

What she was

And wading through
That sea
Only inches deep

Art by AE ReiffI have walked there
Many times since

Red up to the ankles and

But she is and I am
And –

Even though confused
I refuse
I repudiate no muse.


Her voice devours
Me forever.

The sound
A small rain utters
As it’s licking
Down the leaves

Tapped out
And trembling

(Stay outta this
This ain’t yer show.)


All calcium blue
And sodium yellow

You can’t grow down
To meet the ground

Her eyes were like
Creatures found
Under a lifted stone
As they whir into
To escape the light
Of day
In another pair
Of eyes.


Holy bleeding oranges
Of someone else’s

Spark plugs
And somnambulists.
Source code
And rust.

Play it
Big as Dallas
Right up front
And when you



We will teach you
Just how easy it is
To hate
The only home
You’ve ever known.

No more
Sweetness and light
Just honey and wax



Lee high valium
Going nowhere.

Art is somewhere else.
This is here.
Life is somewhere else.
This is here.
And if both life
And art have fled
To leave behind
Their ragged dead
Upon the open field

What then?



What use?


What art?


What life?


Shah mat




(Dark magus moans
Molasses Ife
Live at the Philharmonic
In dear old dirty NYC
Round ‘bout the instant
Of my ass-slapped birth
And don’t even
Know it.)


Jason Price EverettJason Price Everett was born in Orlando, Florida in 1972. He was educated at Lafayette College, Cornell University and the University of Paris. He has held twenty-seven different positions of employment to date, one of the more recent being that of English professor at a university in Xian, China. His first book, Unfictions, was released by 8th House Publishing in 2009. His new book Hypodrome: Selected Poems 1990-2010 will be forthcoming from 8th House in the summer of 2011. His work has appeared over the years in such diverse publications as Si Senor, Hubris, CRIT Journal, The Mad Hatters’ Review, BITEmagazine, Writers Notes Magazine, Farmhouse Magazine, The Quarterly Review, The Prague Literary Review, City Writers Review, Riverbabble, The Maynard, Underground Voices, BLATT, The Alchemy Review, Carcinogenic Poetry, hardbrackets, Interrupting Infinity/Third Party Poetry, KGB Bar Lit Magazine, Revue Mètropolitaine and the Show Thieves Anthology of Contemporary Montreal Poetry. He currently lives in Montreal.

A.E. ReiffAE Reiff has continually obfuscated biography. He sculpts mythical animals at Animal Wilderness. The mammals there are made from single planes combined, sheets rolled and thrown to catch the air.



Paul A. TothPaul A. Toth lives in Michigan. His novel Fizz is available from Bleak House Books. Fishnet, his second novel, was published in July 2005. Toth's short fiction has appeared or will soon appear in Night Train, Iowa Review Web, Antigonish Review, Barcelona Review, Mississippi Review Online and many others. Visit his website here.

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