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Poetry by
Michael J. Fisher

Recitations by Author
Art by Joshua Huyser


Art by Joshua Huyserhe didn’t understand Tuesday unique
as a toy piano

or why he traces two buildings
with charcoal and rice paper
he can’t make love

spacernot when
film transfers negatives, high def phantasm

their hands, left and right
fused together, now pleasure

Low’s tombstone will read:
spacerfrom irony

a requiem strains choir notes
his new name: augmented and alive

the exhausted world suspends
like choke-rope
lifted from Low’s mouth



Lighter (two voices)

Art by Joshua Huysereven rust and a dull metal cap
spacerdead have no claims
can warm and his isn’t
spacerto prayers and I don’t want
so different than mine
spaceryour scars, hangovers, or crows’ feet
except the puncture
spacerleft on the window sill
almost by design
spacerpaint chipped away
like a larger hand placed us
spacerby winters—I managed to stay warm
in a house that wasn’t
spacerGod is not for us
there plants lost green
spacerinstead two masks
and how do we replace it
spacera dumb show and chicken-wire
I’d like to tell you
spacerpaper mache, scenery, pancake
I held her hand to keep it warm
spacerpainted—made up
physics was on my side
spacerwith lips sown shut—knot
we never missed cold
spacertucked up the nose—life-like
or time—just changes
spacerI swear your sighs
away from spring
spacerhas soften earth




Art by Joshua HuyserLow rebuilds Delphi in digital
silver nickel like a lucid dream

a class act clad in white:
beer drinker’s hero, Low

a nine pound hammer and
nicest wreath of flowers at a funeral

separated to pollen by you—
snuff candle and chaos

Low writes emails
using only naughts

palm reader and diviner rod
something could be simple

a task and the right tools
laid out in end rhyme

poetry a battlespacerpoetry is a box
every word a casualtyspacerof autumn, rain
for our sidespacertrapped in beaten socks
smoldering ashtrayspacertheir black lint
beside your headspacerkeeps our feet cold
forget primaryspacereven in winter
colors: black/whitespacerLow has a hole in cotton




Art by Joshua HuyserLow recently discovers
Westminster Abby—
conductor of landscapes
holy colossus
buttresses like paper kites
bricks baked from the ground

walls and life
streak around Low
stone serious
overwhelmed by stained glass:
spacera splinter pierces his lips




Art by Joshua Huyserthe reader of poetry is evil
and must be destroyed

a red cover of Tennyson’s
Collected scintillates
his bald head

lines make hairy sentences
commas are lazy cilia
never scuttling anywhere away

secret dictators

abhor him

they’re esoteric whores
electric, dog-eared Camus
enveloped in wet armpits

he tries to forget defeats
page blank as his temple

to him I give my last give my last confession

Low’s a smidgen of good news




Art by Joshua HuyserThere could be Zephyr
clothed in lilac dew
aloft drops of one-note symphonies
composed by birds, who are no more
and no less than tricksters of gravity.

There could be songs
army boots sing
grateful to gather dust
under the ivory moon, still
pock-marked to remind us.

There could be children
well fed, every night
I see gaunt faces on t.v.
let them be poets
to deliver words as bread.

could go away. (Low should).

There could be a ball of wax
my muck and sharp bits cling to.
Throw it in a fire. Let it bubble and split.


spacerNew God says, “Low stays!”



Michael Fisher holds an MFA from New England College. His first book "Wolf Spider" is being printed by plan b press.


Joshua HuyserJoshua Huyser was born and raised in Montana. He is a visual artist currently living and working in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



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