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Poetry by
Heller Levinson


in the plangency of van gogh

Art by Radu Dicherbeatery, beatitude – plunge
a marrow hound spacerthatching rudiments
reg(s)urg)itat(ing) root matter
incendiary claw thrashingspacerinflaming perceptual infractions
apparitional fleshfullfillsspacershimmering convolutes
retinal precipice mandibular crunch fitful fulguration hives upheaval pumps pummeling
delve-immerse-into ↔ c(l)(r)aw down
a cosmic vivisection
matter no matterspacermaterialization
triturate sower
solar voices lash to the oars of an unrepentant past
wrack this condition
this alarming


Cogitation Dot: A Prolegomena

Art by Radu Dicherpointspacera designation a brief a
pause aspacerperiod.spacer.periodicity
a dot is perspectival & rarely remorses. star is a pin-sized dot. tinier than the lowliest coin.
the dot is the ballerina of distance
dot is flattering punctuation favoring formation is a formation function flows formatively ferments both breakage & repaira dot is sagacious placed properly is a seasonal spilling. is a perplexity bribe
placing dots is a spec-ial-ityspacer ..spacer dots proscribe are proscriptive control fly-away laundry & promote heirarchy..spacerdots prohibit outlawry & stimulate the economy. nations are fond of dots. so are dogs. dog noses are replete with dots...spacer ...... dots are prehensile & fawn. they live in trees & shrubbery. chimneys & wallets. they are flirtatious & have a mind of their own. they avoid gimmickry. they munch on vacillation & digest systems analysis.

crow -- the black dot on the green lawn of grammatical vacuity

dots are punchy perk ferric febrile. not feeble.
dots are absent of purtridity. are affirmative. non-totalitarian. strict yet conductive. dots don’t talk back. but may be seen as squeaky. not squeaky as squeaky clean but squeaky.

what does it mean to say that someone is full of dot.

paintings attract dots: Seurat. Signac
dot plays a major role in color therapy
...spacer ......
dot is a to is a do is Phonecian & Soho is od & ot is  t  o  d & dot
is integral to assembly is a . in the assembly process

to be a dot is to be both conspicuous & benign. is to be both gatekeeper & emancipator. is to be a multiplier & a time value
is to be


part sonic part skin

Art by Radu Dicherfealty strips spacerfricative
the infra-intra-ultrapolational migration
(Infra-Intra-Ultrapolational: the pattern formed by the insertion of notes below, between, and above the principal tones of a progression.)
Rothko rhubarbspaceredges
in repairspacer se(em)am worthy
mossspacer the caliber of
mossspacer its activation range
moss as an additive
spacer(an addiction? [the forest and its habits
color magnetics
moss upon the skin
its color


plangent like sanctimonious burst

Art by Radu Dichera pump probe pillagespacer a pierce
emptying stale codifiersspacer full
thornbrush thirsty thrustspacer bosomed perplexion
cantaloupe deputies carolingspacer cornucopia of a late
stage narcosisspacer arrears
famine & delinquency
wailing butterflies


with sonic this testudinous lullaby

Art by Radu Dicherpoisedspacer plum
spacerplumb line
equipoisespacer testudo blanket irenic wrap
secure sure soothe-couthspacer youth protect
har(la)boring youngspacer snug songs
surrogate warmth
pointed instruments



Heller LevinsonHeller Levinson lives in NYC where he studies animal behavior. He has published in over a hundred journals and magazines including Sulfur, Jacket, Hunger, Talisman, First Intensity, Laurel Review, Omega, The Wandering Hermit, Fire (U.K), Alligatorzine, The Jivin' Ladybug, Moria, Woodcoin, Moria, etc. His publication, Smelling Mary (Howling Dog Press, 2008), was nominated for both the Pulitzer Prize and the Griffin Prize. Black Widow Press will be publishing his from stone this running in 2011. Additionally, he is the originator of Hinge Theory. Please visit www.hellerlevinson for more information.


Radu DicherRadu Dicher studied Physics (BA) and Comparative European Studies (MA) at Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, then moved to Budapest for an MA in History at Central European University. After a few years of work within the field of architecture and engineering in Chicago, he started a Masters in Landscape Architecture, during which he received the Dean's Scholarship, participated in a few conferences and took part in the "Science in Art" exhibition at the University of Chicago. Aside from a sustained pursuit of the concept of space in science, art, mappings, and architecture, he recently read his creative writing in public for the very first time, which made him lose significantly more pounds than any conference he's been to.


Donald C. MeyerComposer and musicologist Donald C. Meyer, collaborates with choreographers, filmmakers, theater directors, and authors to create multi-media works that interweave classical and contemporary sounds forms into poly-vocal aesthetic structures. He is the author of articles on American cultural history and rock music and a music appreciation textbook called Perspectives on Music (Prentice Hall, 2003). Dr. Meyer is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Music Department at Lake Forest College.

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