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Whatnots by
Wendy Walker

Recitals by Author
Art by Gene Tanta

(Beau Present)


Men deemed me Eden, needed me ended.

Florence Neal:

Art by Gene Tantacan a larf rolf an ole loner?
can a feral leer fan farce?
can a lorn learner clear a fence?
or clean a cellar?
no nana can rear a flea, no car can free one of care
none can flee land
or force a leaf
or roll a cone far

Michael Kowalski:

A slow cello calms social wackos
as a hick chick mellows locals.
She cows will, makes hell a cakewalk.
Lakeless slime swallows hills, hollows.
Whales wail while hacks skew laws.

Wendy Walker:

Readerly lady really needed renewal, yearned, wended way nearer Eden, waded dawn, awakened learner, dared dally ere weakened, elderly, weary. Awl ready, already. Deny dead law. Draw well klew area, dear naked key. End delay, deny dark, render awe array.



Composition with U

Hugh putz! Jump!
Hup! Puff gut, pump tum, jut tux—
Zut! Pub hum, but pup, mutt, cub hump—ugh!
Hug, jug, cup—tut, tut, tut…



Prisoner’s Constraint 2

no more remorse, more war, i won, nice race, i can save us, so vows man in zen rave, come raven wave, ice us



Story with E

When Eben hedges, Ned bends. Eben needs rest, Ned lets Eben sleep. Ned sees Eben deepen, he tempts Eben, end, end. Red Ned’s feet peek. Let Eben meet Ellen ere he ends. Ellen emerges. Hell! Whenever eels erect tents, Ellen sets nets. Elsewhere, Ned reeks.




Art by Gene TantaTrain

To persuade a young lady by reiterative acts of address to walk so that her gown does not tangle in the wheels of a locomotive, as she leads her entourage through a series of ideational states, drawing her followers on with an illusion of glory in a deliberately slow utterance that shimmers like tumbling magnesium into a succession of fatal consequences which constitute the massive apparatus of a siege.



Prisoner’s Constraint

i am a minor ace, not a waver nor a man-- i run rum, wax, semen, in ice— i sear worms in error, various mice



World Without Water (w, a. t, e, r)

Queer stuff with black napkins, lakes under red skies, traffic patterns leaking raw sewage baked in snarled grass, pigs in pain, birds laughing, trees under waves.



Red Riding Hood Reduction

Little girl always wore cape went grandmother’s house always bread because grandmother time bed being passed woods encountered tried lure away mission resisted reaching returning home happened times
Finally decided Hood house when child attached then grandmother’s clothes waited Hood return
When Hood back following immediately changed paused unsure what urged come closer grandmother’s approached commented hairy face were teeth were wolf’s response better with gobbled
Woodsman passing grandmother would stop found wolf woman’s clothes what happened took axe wolf ripped open both Riding grandmother very happy have been rescued



Riding Hood haiku

thru thru continued
riding into felt voice last
hello dead rescued



Riding Hood Euphemism

The wolf expressed in succinct exclamation his vision of a state of supreme satisfaction in his assumed capability to masticate and ingest the subject that he was addressing.




Wendy Walker Photo by d.d.tillettWendy Walker: I was born in 1951 in New York City where I still live with my husband, the writer Tom La Farge. Major influences are world travel and the visual arts. I have been a teacher of studio art, art history and creative writing. I have also worked as visual consultant, advisor and curator with a number of galleries, including Art Awareness in Lexington, New York, the Kentler International Drawing Space in Brooklyn and at the Grady Alexis Gallery at El Taller Latino Americano in Manhattan. I am now a core collaborator at Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn, where I edit Proteotypes, books which grow out of Proteus Gowanus initiatives.

I am working on a poetic non-fiction about the origins of the Gothic novel in Jamaica and Haiti. This book is called SEXUAL STEALING. Visit Wendy's website here.

Bio photo info: "Wendy Walker with paintings by Leslie Tillett. Photo by d.d.tillett."


Gene Tanta, Art DirectorGene Tanta, Art Director. Gene Tanta was born in Timisoara, Romania and lived there until 1984, when his family immigrated to the United States. Since then, he has lived in DeKalb, Iowa City, New York, Oaxaca City, Iasi, Milwaukee, and Chicago. He is a poet, visual artist, and translator of contemporary Romanian poetry. His two poetry books are Unusual Woods and Pastoral Emergency. Tanta earned his MFA in Poetry from the Iowa's Writers' Workshop in 2000 and his PhD in English from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2009 with literary specialization in twentieth-century American poetry and the European avant-garde. His journal publications include: EPOCH, Ploughshares, Circumference Magazine, Exquisite Corpse, Watchword, Columbia Poetry Review, and The Laurel Review. Tanta has had two collaborative poems with Reginald Shepherd anthologized in Saints of Hysteria: A Half-Century of Collaborative American Poetry. Most recently, he has chaired a panel at the 2010 AWP titled, “Immigrant Poetry: Aesthetics of Displacement”. Currently, he is working on two anthologies while teaching post-graduate creative writing online for UC Berkeley Extension.



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