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Carol Novack



                 —for Angela


stances being road maps
better to travel without directions
no rush to a party this is always
occurring round the corners
the way must be found and lost
by accident and only because
each tree has been passed
before and finally recognized
will you know no roads
but if you had a map thin
would you see the animal
that is dragging its slow eyes
after you the one run over
by your wheels?
i have just drawn a map
of its tracks



when all the stones are women
lying with wheel tracks on their bellies
i say the stones must fly up and wound

when all the men mowing lawns
are like banana-fish
i say somewhere good lurks
in their eyes like a worm
and love is an extinction i say
pining for their thighs

and as i pass the stock exchange
i note the economy of my words
has reached an all-time low



to take a stance is attach
of a sort—
two piranhas losing flesh
over a rock
while always above and below
waters weave moved by winds
and rain and the boats we ride
towards and away from each other

the heart is acute on the charts
and my abrasive lines clot our symmetry
yours and mine, piranha

i’ve taken your teeth for signs


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