Mad Hatters' Review, Issue 2
Issue 2
'Just Under the Surface' (c) 2005 Paul Slapion
'Just Under the Surface' (c) 2005 Paul Slapion

In Time by Nonnie Augustine
Androids Take Title in Robocup by John Barbato
We Lunatics & other poems by Danielle Hanna
Things to do... by Rae Desmond Jones
The Invention by Tom Lombardo
Agoraphobia by Corey Mesler
Kid Anderson at Mojos by Tony R. Rodriguez
Learning to Float & Dead Man's Float by Carolyn Zonailo
Record Book by Timothy Matos
1st Place - Denis Taillefer
2nd Place - Ginger Hamilton Caudill
3rd Place - Lydia Theys
Duncastle's Universe by Ben Cunningham
Jabberwocky Webb by C.B. Smith
Experimental Astrology by Saturnika
Strange As It May Seem by Tantra Bensko
Color Blind by Cami Park
Epistemology & Pathology by Brent Powers
Meat-Eaters by J.R. Salling
Disjecta Membra by David Diefendorf
Cubist Torso by Martin Heavisides
The Zen of Swash & other postulations by Marty D. Ison
Re-Birthing by Marc Lowe
Date With a Dust Mite by Willie Smith
Mayfair in Blue by Stewart Sumner
The Necessary Devil by Fisher Thompson
A Language of War and Song by Richard Levine reviewed by Daniela Gioseffi
More Reviews in Jabberwocky Webb Column by C.B. Smith
WAVE: Moving Sculpture by Reuben Margolin
"What Lies Within" by Steve Kane

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