Dear Submitter,

The editors at Peerless Prose would like to acknowledge your feeble yet valiant attempt to join our esteemed contributors’ list. As you are no doubt aware, we at Peerless Prose limit our acceptances to the crème de la crème. We ruthlessly skim the cream from all submissions received for each issue, then skim again until only the crème de la crème remains.

While we understand your disappointment at being skimmed and found un-cream-worthy, please console yourself with the knowledge there are many uses for whey and there’s no sense in crying over spilt milk. Though your ego may feel curdled at the moment, studies demonstrate writing skills improve in direct proportion to quality of reading material. May we suggest you treat yourself and purchase a subscription to Peerless Prose for the nominal cost of $29.95 per year? A link has been enclosed for your convenience.

Thank you for submitting to Peerless Prose. We wish you success in placing your work with a less discriminating publication.

With sincere sympathy,
The Editors
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