Lydia Theys

Third Place: Lydia Theys

Fat Free Fobia Publishing
12478675b Calle del Rio del Benicio del Toro
Laguna Beach, CA

Dear Cherished Contributor,

Thank you so much for submitting to Coconut Distributor Cap. Although your story had merit, it does not meet our needs at this time.

We dislike saying this as much as you dislike hearing it, but our huge volume of submissions forces us be very, very selective and let a lot of fine work like yours go by.

Best of luck in your future artistic endeavors and please try us again.
Your Friends at Coconut Distributor Cap

ps we only got like four subs this month? and we really need like six or at least five to make an issue? but yours just blows and we were like no way! dude, we almost took it until we realized you weren’t trying to be funny. if you need like an outlet or something? have you tried like painting or maybe macrame? oh and like sorry about not returning it in your SASE and all? but man it like made poor tamari hurl and she's one tough babe. it wasn't pretty.


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