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Nonnie Augustine
Nonnie Augustine is in the third version of her life.

During the first version, which lasted from age four until age thirty-one, she was a dancer and graduated from Juilliard with a B.F.A. in Dance and later co-directed a modern dance company in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Then there was more college, college, college, and a teaching career as a special educator and a Masters from Florida State University.

After a heart bypass and carotid artery clean-up job, she wrote a novel. The novel hasn't been published, but a publisher in Scotland is thinking about it. She always wanted to write, but didn't think she knew any stories. She writes poetry and prose and is liking this version of her working life a great deal. Her poetry has appeared on-line on the_beat, and will be appearing in realeightview this spring. A print magazine with a summer debut will also carry a poem. An essay has been published in The Pegasus Review, and she recently won third prize in the Mattia Family International Poetry Competition. There is a flash fiction piece on-line at and it is also printed on coffee cups for sale through the above website.

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John Barbatos
John Barbato lives in a village in southern Mexico where he writes and paints and is the poetry editor of the Oaxaca English Language Literary Quarterly "ZOCALO".
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Ginger Hamilton Caudill

Ginger Hamilton Caudill is a full-time writer and retired nurse residing in West Virginia. Her writing has appeared in numerous publications, including The Front Porch, storySouth, Millennium Shift, Unlikely Stories 2.0, LitVision, and Any Dream Will Do Review, as well as several anthologies. Look for her upcoming monthly column in Penwomanship Magazine. Caudill maintains a web log at
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Born in Ohio, David Diefendorf grew up in New Jersey and received degrees from Rochester and Columbia. He spent many years in New York City, where he worked in publishing, wrote poetry and fiction, and produced paintings and sculpture. Now located in Winooski, Vermont, he works as a freelance writer and editor. His work has appeared in the Mississippi Review, New York Times, Fiction, Lowlands Review, Village Voice, San Francisco Chronicle, Pequod, Telephone, Seven Days, The St. John Sun Times, Buzz, and other publications.
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Daniela Gioseffi

Daniela Gioseffi is the American Book Award winning author of 12 books of poetry and prose: her latest: WOMEN ON WAR : International Writings, 2003, and Symbiosis, poems, 2002. Her first was Eggs in the Lake, 1979, (Boa Editions, Ltd. Rochester, NY, 1970) containing work which won two New York State Council for the Arts award grants in poetry and performance poetry. Gioseffi has published hundreds of reviews in numerous periodicals, among them The Philadelphia Inquirer, American Book Review, Hungry Mind Review, Hayden's Ferry Review, The Cortland Review, The New York Times, Library Journal, BigCityLit., Small Press Review and Poet Lore. She won the Sydney Sulkin Prize in 1994 for best poetry reviewing. She edits and publishes

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Danielle Hanna

I am currently studying writing at the University of Pittsburgh.
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Martin Heavisides
Black Cat Review, Jeremiad, the nerve, industrial sabotage, Studies in Contemporary Satire and other fine publications have featured poems or stories of mine. ArtMagazine, Toronto Art News and Canadian Forum have featured essays, reviews, think pieces on all manner of subjects, as has CIUT in Toronto and CBC Radio in Regina. The vast majority of my work remains for a fortunate world still to discover.
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Marty D. Ison
Machines are now surrogates for almost everything human. The standardized initiations of mass culture are replacing our intimate journeys of perception. Technology alienates us. Arts that inspire discourse unite us. So remember, create something that people will talk about.

Marty is a painter, a poet, storyteller, parent, peace propagandist, and general purveyor of prevarications that enrich the lives of others. An Ohio native, he was transplanted in the Florida sands of the Gulf of Mexico where he studied fine art at St. Petersburg College. His novels With a Glass Hammer, Zero's Lizard (coauthored with Ron Barnhart), Taste of Pennies, and Servicing the Machine: a Postindustrial Nightmare are available to interested agents and publishers. Among other places, his words appeared in the Painted Moon Review, Frigg Magazine, the Beat, the St. Petersburg Times, and the bathroom walls of Wendy’s fine restaurants everywhere. You may view some of his plastic work at a website graciously provided by the playwright poet Paddy Gillard-Bently.
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Rae Desmond Jones lives in Sydney, Australia. As Mayor of his local area, he is focused on encouraging the arts. He writes a weekly column in the local paper on political events and the arts. Rae is the author of two published novels, a book of short stories, four books of poetry, a video/DVD, and a record. Rae has also been published in numerous magazines, including online Jacket, and in a recent anthology, The Best Australian Poems of 2003.  
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Richard Levine
Books -- A Language Full of Wars and Songs, Pollack Press, 2004. Snapshots from a Battle, Headwaters Press, 2001.

Publications -- Comstock Review, Heliotrope, Many Mountains Moving, Medicinal Purposes Literary Review, Modern Poetry, North American Review, Rattapallax; Rattle, SOLO, Thema.

Awards -- 2005 -- Pushcart Prize, nomination 2003 -- Ohio State Press/The Journal Poetry Book Award, finalist -- Robert Frost Foundation Poetry Award, honorable mention 2002 -- Winning Writers, 2002 War Poetry Contest, finalist

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Lyn Lifshin
Lyn Lifshin’s recent prizewinning book (Paterson Poetry Award) BEFORE IT’S LIGHT was published winter 1999-2000 by Black Sparrow press, following their publication of COLD COMFORT in 1997. ANOTHER WOMAN WHO LOOKS LIKE ME will be published by Black Sparrow-David Godine in 2005. (ORDER@GODINE) Also recently published is A NEW FILM ABOUT A WOMAN IN LOVE WITH THE DEAD, March Street Press. She has published more than 100 books of poetry, including MARILYN MONROE, BLUE TATTOO, won awards for her non fiction and edited 4 anthologies of women’s writing including TANGLED VINES, ARIADNE’S THREAD and LIPS UNSEALED. Her poems have appeared in most literary and poetry magazines and she is the subject of an award winning documentary film, LYN LIFSHIN: NOT MADE OF GLASS, available from Women Make Movies. Her poem, “No More Apologizing” has been called “among the most impressive documents of the women’s poetry movement”, by Alicia Ostriker. An update to her Gale Research Projects Autobiographical series, “On The Outside, Lips, Blues, Blue Lace”, was published Spring 2003. TEXAS REVIEW PRESS will publish her poems about the famous, short lived beautiful race horse, Ruffian: THE LICORICE DAUGHTER: MY YEAR WITH RUFFIAN. New chapbooks include WHEN A CAT DIES and ANOTHER WOMAN’S STORY, BARBIE POEMS and forthcoming chapbooks include MAD GIRL POEMS, and THE DAUGHTER I DON’T HAVE. A new collection, Persephone, will be published by Red Hen Press. She is working on a collection about poets, POETS (MOSTLY) WHO HAVE TOUCHED ME, LIVING AND DEAD. ALL TRUE, ESPECIALLY THE LIES. For interviews, photographs, more bio material, reviews, interviews, prose, samples of work and more, her web site is
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Tom Lombardo's poems have appeared in New York Quarterly, Hampden-Sydney Review, Poet Lore, Hawai'i Review, Carquinez Poetry Review, Worcester Review, and others. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Queens University of Charlotte, an MS in Journalism from Ohio University, and a BS in Metallurgical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University. He teaches creative writing at the Atlanta College of Art.
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Marc Lowe has written a lot of weird stuff, including an as-yet-unpublished novella. He likes taking photographs and pondering the imponderable. Please visit his website @ for more information.
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Timothy Matos
Timothy Matos is a playwright who has had plays produced in major cities across the country including Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, Amherst and Valdez (AK). He has recently published his short play ”Three Dresses” in the journal Crawdad. He has also published poems in Underground Window and A-pos-tro-phe. He currently lives in Merced, CA where he teaches English Merced College.
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Corey Mesler

I have published prose and/or poetry in Paumanok Review, Monday Night, The American Drivel Review, Poet Lore, Rattle, Dicey Brown, In Posse Review, Cranky, Re)verb, StorySouth, Canopic Jar, Juked, Pindeldyboz, Mitochondria, Mars Hill Review, others.

My novel-in-dialogue, Talk, was published by Livingston Press in 2002. Raves from Lee Smith, Robert Olen Butler, Steve Stern, Debra Spark, Suzanne Kingsbury, Frederick Barthelme and John Grisham. My forthcoming novel, We are Billion-Year-Old Carbon, is also from Livingston Press.

I've been a book reviewer (for The Commercial Appeal, BookPage, The Memphis Flyer), fiction editor, university press sales rep, grant committee judge, father and son. With my wife I own Burke’s Book Store, one of the country’s oldest (1875) and best independent bookstores.

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Cami Park does most of her writing at a desk, some of it in bed, but none of it, ever, at the kitchen table. The results can be seen in publications of Smokelong Quarterly, No Tell Motel, Outsider Ink, and
Opium Magazine.
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Brent Powers
Brent Powers is the author of a novel, "The Dog's Tooth" (Xlibris, 2002). He has also published short fiction in Pedestal, Right Hand Pointing, Doorknobs and Body Paint, and the forthcoming Prairie Dog 13. He began writing at an early age to get revenge on his peers. He lives in the midst of life, specifically the San Francisco Bay Area.

email:, for those fans who want to reach me.

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Tony Rodriguez
  Tony Richard Rodriguez was born in Fremont, California on August 22, 1977. He is currently a middle school teacher. When Tony is not speaking to seagulls, chasing albino whales, hiking up mountains while identifying with Dharma Bums, playing with the Brown Buffalo in Las Vegas, or meeting five people in Heaven, Tony spends his time fighting the Shingles virus, ravaging Pillsbury chocolate chip cookies, meeting with parents about concerned students, and pointing out fiction in a best-selling novel proclaiming to possess "FACTS". Imaginatively, he still lives in San Francisco, California. The Disappearance and the Slow Awakening and Rapid Eye Metaphors are the titles of his two novels.  
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J. R. Salling is a teacher of mathematics, which should not imply any special ability in the discipline. His stories, for example, don’t always add up in the end. Publication credits include Pindeldyboz, Opium
Magazine, Word Riot, Flashquake, Yankee Pot Roast, Zygote in My Coffee, Poor Mojo's Almanac(k), Insolent Rudder, Journal of Modern Post, Rouse Magazine, Dead Mule, uber, Ten Thousand Monkeys, Copperfield Review, Rumble, Skive, Canopic Jar, Subterranean Quarterly, Defenestration, Facsimilation, & Thieves Jargon
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Artwork by Susan J. Sanders

Willie Smith is deeply ashamed of being human. His work celebrates this horror. He was born in Greenbelt, MD and is a longtime resident of Seattle, WA. He taught school once for a week at Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO, where he read to the assembled faculty and students his story “Spider Fuck;” he was never asked to teach there or anywhere else again. A few of his stories appear in the Black Sparrow Press anthology THUS SPAKE THE CORPSE. His novel OEDIPUS CADET is available from Black Heron Press. His chapbooks EXECUTION STYLE and GO AHEAD SPIT ON ME are available from 26 Books. His chapbooks STORIES FROM THE MICROWAVE, SOLID GAS and URINE MY SEAT are all out of print. “Spider Fuck” can be read online at, Andrei Codrescu’s Exquisite Corpse Magazine, to which he is a frequent contributor. He is aging fast and probably won’t be around much longer. Go ahead, read him while he is still alive.

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Stewart Sumner
Stewart lives and works in London. He's had several stories published, the most recent being Bye Bye Bunny in Shots magazine and Lidia: Princess of Orenburg in Gator Springs Gazette. He is currently working on a novel.
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Denis is a French Canadian who claims he has yet to find his voice, as he bounces from one genre to the next, but his friends tell him he has the heart of a goof. His work can be found in a few print and electronic magazines. Feedback can be sent to Operators are standing by...
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Lydia Theys
Lydia Fazio Theys is an astronomer by training, a technical writer by necessity and a creative writer by night. She lives in CT with her husband and their two children. Two cats, a neurotic Italian Greyhound, and whatever else wanders in through the cat door round out the mix. She was a 2004 Pushcart nominee for a creative non-fiction column in Moondance. Her work has appeared in Yankee Pot Roast, Gator Springs Gazette, Quintessence, Somewhat, Quilted in Gator Springs, and flashquake.
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Fisher Thompson

Fisher Thompson has traveled coast to coast in the USA in search of a literary home; finally settling in Southern California. His essays have been published in Abstracts Magazine (USA) and Wild and Whirling Words e-zine (USA): his fiction in Wandering Dog e-zine (UK), (UK), Keystone Magazine (UK), Muse Apprentice Guild e-zine (USA), Southern Ocean Review Magazine (NZ), Skyline Magazine (USA), (USA), Somewhat e-zine (USA), Thieves Jargon e-zine (USA), The Seeker e-zine (UK), Nagoya Writes Magazine (JAPAN), and The Ladder Review (UK): his poetry in The Indite Circle Literary e-zine (CANADA), and Raunchland Publications e-zine(UK). He is currently working toward having his novels published.

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Carolyn Zonailo
Carolyn Zonailo, poet and editor, was born in Vancouver, Canada; for the past dozen years she has made her home in Montreal. She has published nine books of poetry, several chapbooks, and articles that reflect her interest in mythology and Jungian psychology. Carolyn Zonailo’s poetic vision combines mystical insight with sensual language, moving with ease from the personal to the universal. Zonailo has an M.A. in literature; she has taught creative writing; been active with literary small press publishing; and served on the executives of writers’ organizations. She is currently completing stories about her childhood and Doukhobor heritage; and a collection of long mytho-political poems, O Tongue, O Bone. Visit her website at
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Contributing Artists
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My work is visionary, and reflects my interest in several esoteric spiritual paths.

I have experienced profound transformation in my studies of shamanism and plant teachers, and that is reflected in my work. In my meditations I have encountered the eternal source of creativity, and I try to convey what I perceive of this and pay tribute to the spiritual world we cannot photograph or see with our physical eyes.

My style is representational, but psychedelic; influenced by the religious art of India, Mexico and South America.

I currently live in San Francisco, where I have worked as a counselor and artist for the past 20 years. My interest in spirituality has taken me to Thailand, Laos, India, Nepal, Ecuador, Peru and, most importantly to me, Brazil. I began my interest in Buddhism in college, and practiced as a Buddhist until my introduction in 1997 to the practice of Santo Daime, a syncretic ayahuasca church founded in Brazil. I have also explored various other shamanistic paths, some involving power plants and others relying on rhythm to induce trance and facilitate access to the astral. I have found this work to be a rich source of material for my paintings.

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Stan Crocker
Stan has been described as a “progressive revelation” or as others have put it “a 50 year old man doing a strip tease”. Peel the layers and you will find an artisan who sold his first work at the tender age of 14; about the time he began playing with mercury and other heavy metals. His poetry has been published in church bulletins for funeral services and his short stories have appeared in the Urban Hiker. And last but certainly not least, because he has “opinions”, the Raleigh News and Observer has chosen to publish them in their storied pages. He wears his mad hat proudly and with eleemosynary aplomb.
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Tony 'Baloney' Juliano
Award winning satirist artist, Tony "Baloney" Juliano is not your normal painter. With his single, panel, lush comic like paintings dealing with quick puns, whimsical sayings, ironic sadness, and his penchant for parodying other famous artists, Tony makes art laughable in colorful complimentary painted frames. Tony has had shows all over the US and the UK such as John Slade Ely House, Hygienic Art Gallery, CB's 313 Gallery, Artescape Studios, MoCCA, DeCordova Museum, The Walker, and lots more! Visit Tony's offical site at
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Donna Kuhn
Donna Kuhn has exhibited her fine art and crafts at The Question Mark Gallery, Mudra Gallery, Wired Wash Cafe, The Santa Cruz Art League, The Mountain Arts Center, First and Second Annual Santa Cruz Digital Arts Festival, The Mill Gallery, Santa Cruz Mask Festival, Walnut Avenue Womens Center and the Santa Cruz Office of County Education. Her fine and visual art has been published in print and online magazines such as Exquisite Corpse, sidereality, Generator Press, The Digital Artist, Sendecki, xstream, Manifold Press, Poesy, Kung Fu,The Art Project, Thunder Sandwich, Ken Again, Churn, Poems Niedergnasse, Ten Thousand Monkeys, eratio, Global Collage and Tin Lustre Mobile. She is a mixed-media artist working in drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, mask and doll making, jewelry, wearable art and altered books. Her experimental videos have been shown at The Mountain Arts Center, The New York Independent Film and Video Festival, Post Video Art, The Harvard Visual Poetry Exhibit and The Santa Cruz Digital Arts Festival in conjunction with Microcinema International. She lives in Aptos, CA and is also a dancer and a widely published poet.
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Chris Lawson, Contributing Artist
© Ryan Russell

Chris Lawson's visual art is in over 1000 collections worldwide including those of Patti Smith and Michael Stipe. Exhibitions are upcoming in Siem Reap, Cambodia and Melbourne, Australia. Chris has also created cd cover art for Saddle Creek Records, and his films have screened worldwide and been featured on npr. Chris lives in Alabama where he teaches art to people with autism and other neurological challenges

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DK McDonald
DK McDonald is an award-winning artist residing in the mountains of southern Colorado. Working primarily in watermedia and collage, her commissioned works and series are held by collectors across the US.

Possessing an innate and inexplicable fondness for classical literature, ancient greek philosophers, and obscure Catholic poets, her figure work and abstracts are heavily influenced by her readings of the same.

When not in the studio, she spends her time hiking Colorado's numerous mountain trails, camera in hand.

More of her work can be seen at

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Reuben Margolin
Reuben grew up in Berkeley, went to Harvard where he studied some of this and some of that, drove around the country on a table, then got exestential angst, then went to drawing and painting school in Florence and St Petersburg, then bounced around several artist residencies and now lives in Berkeley again.
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Claudio Parentela

I’m born in Catanzaro(1962-Italy) where I live and I work…I’m an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail-artist, cartoonist, collagist, journalist…free lance...I’m active since many years in the international underground scene. I’ve collaborated & I collaborate with many ,many zines ,magazines of contemporary art, literary and of comics in Italy and in the world...& on the paper and on the web... …
During the 1999 I was guest of the BREAK 21 FESTIVAL in Ljubliana (Slovenja)...
...My obscure & crazy artworks are present & shown in many, many art galleries in the endless web... ...I do a lot of mail art and I partecipate to all the mail art projects I know...
...I’ve collaborated and I collaborate with many bands of industrial music, noise, experimental & electronic, harsh & death & metal gore...punx...for various publishers I’ve realized some booklets of illustrations and comics

88100 CATANZARO-Italy

Graphola :: Cafeshops-Claudioart :: YouAndIProductions ::

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I was born in 1977 in South Korea, and came to the United States when I was 15. Until I was 23 I lived in Santa Maria, California where I learned to adapt to the American culture. There I studied animation at Allan Hancock College under Ed. Harvey, who inspired me to be where I am now.

In the year 2001, I moved to San Francisco, California, and improved my skills in illustration at the Academy of Art University. I graduated in spring 2004, and I look forward to using my skills in the industry.

New York Society of Illustrators Student Competition 2004.
Academy of Art University Spring Show 2003, 2004.
Academy of Art University Advertisement Show Booth 2003.
Allan Hancock College Fine Art Department Solo Show 1998.
Santa Barbara County Arts Council Mentorship Program 1996.

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Mona Lia Ventress

Mona-Lia Ventress is an Emmy nominated composer. She is also a part owner of Partners In Rhyme, and a travel writer who's putting the finishing touches on her forthcoming book entitled Horizontal Rain, the story of her experiences living in New Zealand.
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Rod Walker
"Rod is a former Marine & current peon from Batesville "Casket Capital", Indiana. His poetry & photography have appeared in a wide variety of publications during the last score of years. That's all he's got to say about that."
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Paul Cordes Wilm
Paul Cordes Wilm lives in Birmingham, AL. He likes to paint on found pieces of wood. Sometimes the wood happens to also be furniture. He paints with housepaint and xerox ink.

Paul Cordes Wilm is colorblind... which could explain why the colors he chooses are so bold. His paintings seem to bridge the gap between Folk Art and Pop Art since many of the images found in his paintings come from products and advertisements in old magazines.

Paul Cordes Wilm also makes films, music videos and designs websites. He is the singer in a "garage punk" band called Nowhere Squares.

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Wayne E. Yang is a New York-based writer/photographer. He grew up in South Carolina, where he learned to eat grits the proper way: smothered with butter and sprinkled with salt. You can imagine his horror when he went to graduate school in upstate New York and saw people eating their grits with milk and sugar. His writing has appeared in The North American Review, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Christian Science Monitor, Asian Review of Books and other publications. He can be reached through his web site,
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