Marilyn Hears That Maybe Napoleon's Penis Was Cut Off, Stolen, Has Been Kept For Years in a Little Pickle Jar
Music by Christopher Aitken

she smiles under leaves, glad finally
it's a man's private parts that have been
clutched or grabbed or panted after.
"About time for one of them," she muses,

"to get it below the belt. Short men were
always more intent to prove their man-
hood," she giggles, thinks of pint-
sized studs trying to squeeze themselves into

her thru her panties. "Who cares if that
little squirt was gilded or gelded?" She always
thought it was odd, his hand doing some-
thing in that pocket, his lust for so many

beauties, as if he had to conquer more, prove some
thing that wasn't. "Nobody touched his heart," she hears,
figures that isn't a big deal. He was a man, tho a
shortie. She tries to imagine an autopsy in a tropical

land, hers in California was bad enough, strangers
putting their fingers on her wherever they chose
wasn't that unusual, but at least they left her
little pink nibs. She tries to imagine a pickled pinky

floating around from hand to hand, with his own
knife and fork. "I have it," someone Napoleon insulted
blurted out after poking around. "A little thing, tho funny,"
Marilyn muses, as she drifts back, smiling into ferns and

the undersides of tulips, "but big enough and they
never guessed I could hide it, like I did my real
talent and wit," she grins as she braids the strange flab
of skin to what's left of her pubic hair and lets the

underground stream move in and swell like freeze dried coffee.
She feels the rocket inside her thighs come back to life like some
thing suspended in amber, blossoming and pulsing,
A Challenger, Discoverer even though wrinkled, a
glowing Apollo (shrunken) but wild to break barriers,
blast her once soft pink body off the planet on a
towering pillar of flame she'd be the astronaut in
control not just the moon every one's been starved to

get to, wild to explore what she, with her own
penis, will discover

Music by Christopher Aitken
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