'Shawna Love Bunny' by Tantra Bensko
Shawna Love Bunny by Tantra Bensko
The Mad Girl is Tired Calling Victoria Secrets Close to Dawn
Music by Christopher Aitken

dying for some brushed cotton to hold her snugly and soothe,
re-define her nights and even be what she'll never get
along without approaching a long chill winter. She
wants more than a voice at the other end of 1-800

-888-8200 moaning of holding her firm, bras that
just tickle, hardly need to squeeze her nipple.
For a while, the little boxes that the UPS men
left under the shrubs unfortunately close to

dog pee, were joys to unwrap, made her cheeks
and fingers tingle. Now, it's old supposing
enhanced shaping will change her life, that
charmeuse pajamas will make her feel exotic.

She doesn't want to shop now, pay later.
Doesn't want built in support, is positive
the spice dyed silk will not sooth body and soul.
Lace is just lace, even if its stretchy and

scalloped. She wants an 800 number for a penis
she can have come Fed Express, a flesh
sheath that will be perfect for summer,
take her right through fall. She's heard about

body hugging lycra, a velcro penis, adjustable,
one that comes in a variety of shades from
chocolate to lemon to ivory, maybe even rose,
a second skin without side seams for an

invisible no show fit beneath clothes. Avail-
able, a bargain. Why stop at one she reads.
You can get several in various sizes, surprise
your friends. They soften wonderfully with each
washing, still keep their shape.

Music by Christopher Aitken
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