The Mad Girl Thinks How Sometimes A Tongue Just Isn't Enough
Music by Christopher Aitken

even if it can lick - tie a
cherry stem into a double knot, lasso
with eerie stories, tongue chocolate
off a nipple or any lip. Sometimes

a tongue down there would be more
useful, one that could snag a book
off a top shelf where the m's are,
swing thru tall jungle grass be

fore it scratches her eye. A penis
would come in handy, as good as
a pen but with an is attached
to prove it exists. You could

stick a tongue out at someone
difficult as a bratty sister, but
a penis would get the point across
with more of a sting. Sure, she

thinks, pens might make words grow
on paper but a penis could make the
word flesh, create more than a sketch
or a haiku or a warning but circle

in where a pen might leave a stain, a
blue tattoo, unsettling as numbers
on arms in the camps. A penis could stir
up its own juice and like a little god,

make out of what seems a marshy little
hole, a whole life.

Music by Christopher Aitken
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