The Mad Girl Reads How The Most Popular Term Penis Came From The Middle Ages
Music by Christopher Aitken

was called cock because
of the sound of a
rooster crowing, cock
a doodle doo. The rooster

nick named cock, then
a crowing penis
nick named rooster. But
really the writer says it

probably came from the
wood used in plumbing,
a valve or faucet
that makes more sense

each with those other
terms, balls and
nipples. Probably
there's a few

lips and holes,
water gushing thru pipes,
everything juicy, flowing.
Today, when its already

91 before its light,
a penis that's also a
shower would be
the best of all

plumbing, a cock of
her own in her
thighs, a pink tipped
plunger thickly

flaring from a swollen
bag, ready to diddle
in whatever needed
help could heat her

and then cool her down.
Better than a vibrator
batteries could go
dead on. Or that might

be dangerous in an
electrical storm
which is when, everyone
knows, everyone feels

most turned on. If it was
big enough like a rotor rooter
rooster it could tickle
her nipples and she

could suck it a little
since its blood is
her own, could
stuff it, grind it, plunge it

into any of her bowls,
free as a woman who
finally drives, can
shift for herself

Music by Christopher Aitken
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