'Friends You Know' (c) 2005 Graf-hick
'Friends You Know' by Graf-hick
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From far enough away
Ripples appear solid
And they are,
In a poetic leap.

Your new cloud looks fabulous,
Matches your pulse
And beyond that
You've always looked better when wet.

Poster's wrinkled image of planets.
Tape rips the paint off walls.
The black string holds the book open to bear witness.
The island scrapes the sea.

Two Haiku

Shoes burn, fuse the sand
Into glass, waste and product,
Overgrown trails run.

Does air know a fence?
Borders erased, noise travels,
Voice is defined space.

Finger in Fog

Mellow island floating.
Tap. Tap.
The window calls for a poem.

Islands of doors.
Neon ashtrays to spit in.
The scene laughs.

Winter Fruit

The blood orange sits on the table
With expense,
With extravagance,


The blood orange is hurled into the stucco
Of your last house. Thank you house,
Thank you symmetry.

DormRoom as You Leave

Pine cones fall
under the lapping waves
of your antiquated oil lamp.

If you spill tea on your feet
And the reflection
Of the table

Obscures the waves
And crashes on the obelisk
Of your worst desires.

The Doors might answer
Broken martini glasses
And folded rockstar posters.

Music by Christopher Aitken
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