'Friends You Know' (c) 2005 Graf-hick
'Friends You Know' by Graf-hick
Poetry Collaborations by
Years of Structural Adjustment

Calendars taped across
The lipstick smudges of our windows,
Citing 'organizational problems'

As the source
Of our lack
Of foresight.

Spitting Behind You Back

The backs of chairs
Lined up
Like your abstract idea
Of waves.

Discarded wood
Nailed into a working box
Which holds a single
Irregularly shaped marble.

The folded wing of an insect,
An old peppery book;
The binding flies into
The smudged glass thought.

Spotlights melt
The wax of memory;
Birds fly unformed,

Combed hair wraps around
The sparrow caught on slide film.
When the bulb burns out
The bird's wings are clipped.

Public Transportation and a Found Wedding Invitation

Old subway seats worn glass bubbles up
Melts between the unbrushed teeth of our days;
However, methods for the double life of art always arise.

Invitations are always responded to with
Invitations to reflections or reflected invitations:
Inverted eternity's gifts.

The letter gets lost but still retrieves its recipient
from the dispositional attitude of the address,
internal connection between arrow and half way eaten waxy apple.

A Conversation with You About It

"art can be
the stars reconnected
into different shapes and symbols,
telling new myths,
revealing new prophesies."

"but the exhibit was of sculptures,
not drawings."

"yeah, but
they had this postcard
in front of the gallery."

"these sculptures are like objects
from a Greek island, from a Phoenician ship
that sunk 3,000 years ago."

"they are symbolic, like the terms
of a philosophical system, given
plastic expression."

Describing Art from a Long Distance

I'm bad at drawing,
but this is sort of
what different parts
of the uber organ look like…

but the description is pretty good,

when you see it in person,
you laugh a lot

Music by Christopher Aitken
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