Ryan Goddard, 3rd Place
Famish the Divisor

To be squatted, suspended in a nightmare of asymmetry
Days pegging away
holding for the coruscate passing

forswear the parents
maintaining the illusion
beaming with effusion
with each prison call

"there's our lovely Terri
she looks so nice today"
all bound and twisted
shaking, drooling

"Release my terrestrial bind!"
she cries without a word
but a grunt
and a twitch

the deacon lawyers, in all their philanthropy
guard the guilded cage
unable to excoriate the prisoner
to see what lies within
or doesn't

"CHARITY!" the husband cries
how could dying be less aesthete
than a soul trapped
locked in an infant's shell?

Famish the Divisor!
let her soul be free
the country's selfish animism
wants no more
than nearer thy god to be

© Ryan Goddard

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