'Surreal Brain' (c) 2005 Tantra Bensko
'Surreal Brain' (c) 2005 Tantra Bensko


Girdl & other poems by John Bryan
Blatnoy series by Michael Graves
Reflections in April 16-20 by Duane Locke
A short, but basically, fat guy tale by Kelvin C. James
River Road & others by Tom O'Connell
The Banker and the Buddhist by Jennifer Prado
Vomits & others by Tomi Shaw
Falcon High School Reunion Steering Committee by Maggie Shearon
The Book of Mud by Peter Markus
Dog Country by Dan McNeil
The Dance of the Fireflies & others by Thaddeus Rutkowski
Palace at 4 am & other poems by Francis Raven & Jeff Bacon
Jabberwocky Webb by C.B. Smith
Peter Markus's The Singing Fish by C.B Smith
Peter Markus by C.B Smith
1st Place - Cathy Cramer
2nd Place - Anna McDougall
3rd Place - Ryan Goddard
Galleries - Lynn Rupe
Urban Habitat Series
Abstract Series
Slide Show
Featuring Issue 3 Art
Short Films
by Jeff Lowe
by Paul A. Toth




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