'Biological Clock' (c) 2005 Brian Hutzell
'Biological Clock' by Brian Hutzell
Poetry by John Bryan
Body Clocks
the mad biologist
with precision instruments
in deliberate motion
calls her uneven curtains
opens lets
the sun in.
minutes away he
is a
copy floating on her angry
low tide paints
on eggs from her
stigmata tries turning
himself back to
gain an extra
How Could You Think 'The Exorcist' is *boing* - ... Boring?
would / wouldn't: i would but i wouldn't make a habit of it
Even invoked the Video Ezy extension
But still your inert form, still,
Eyes rolled back wheezing in your breath.
i would but i'd make it hurt
The Virgin Mary's stigmatic spattered
Demon phallus could not invoke or
Did the subliminals compel you to sleep.
i would i - ( WOULD )
Next then, I shall invoke ( the first one )
' A Nightmare on Elm Street '
Let Krueger keep you awake.
(( wood ))
Or ' The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ' hillbillies,
Let your inner spirit
Squeal like a pig
((( woodwo )))
Music by Steve Kane
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