'Blatnoy in the Land of Contradiction' (c) 2005 Marjorie Kaye
Art by Marjorie Kaye
Blatnoy and the Captive
Something in you attracted by me;
Prob'ly hatred of hypocrite and desire be free,
Is why you approach when you see me in meeting,
Explaining you love glamour of Russia,
You impress by footage on public tv,
Perestroika, rebellion, surge to be free-
Historic moment of trampled millions,
People risen from ruin like phoenix.
You know word for my people
Transliterate Slav? If vowel is lengthen
You pronounce slave and description correct
From cradle to grave.
And you emotional weakling and live like a slave
In house of you parent, like timid shy boy,
Except you explode, unemploy and depress.
You wicious drunk father and coward of mother
Who limit you action and hate you dependence
Cannot compel you leave
Because under conscious is rule by guilt
They never admit. family tyrannical state.
In you case almost like Russia, it's true,
At least in you mind where you compare
Struggle for Kremlin between Boris and Michael,—
Who will be husband of great mother Russia?—
To oedipal attempt to sober you father
In session with therapist at Veteran Hospital
While you watch and imagine glorious future.
But homo sovieticus never can change,
Is only chameleon no leader can lead.
You mistake rebellion and struggle for occasion of joy.
But you struggle and stay
And you will accept sickness they put you,
Prove they okay.
I was refusenik they nevuh could break.
Of course, they could kill, but
Essence of man. I still be exist
Until extinguish life.
I face my necessity and become it.

Obey highest law
Compulsion to be free; I built car-
In Russia, we call it mashina—
With acetylene torch, and motor assemble,
Install under hood, in secret garage—
So I sit in the saddle
In snow and fog of winter
Like horseman of tartar or cossack,
Like mounted police of imperial czar,
With phoney passport and doctor up papers,—
Doctor, ha, ha, is kind of healing-
And find many who like me.
And living in secret, I had my freedom
In black market trade
Of asian republics
So what, if K.G.B. seek me?
You need to have courage
Now you Necessity come,
You father was soldier all of his life
And drinking like crazy.
Explosion be soon
And leave someone dead.
You impotent therapist
Cannot prewent it.
But you 'fraid to take action,
Because it's illegal.

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