'Blatnoy in the Land of Contradiction' (c) 2005 Marjorie Kaye
Art by Marjorie Kaye
Blatnoy and the Lawyer

All you life long and loud,
You working for little for Legal Aid,
Because you idealist and work for oppressed.
Once you file motion
Reducing unjustly imprison crowd
In minority dorm on island of Riker
And you was so proud
Of setting the wictimized loose,
But you only put criminal back on the street
And causing more crime than normally than normally is:
Muggers, robbers, rapers, murders
In every borough increase.
You create revolution in peace of New York,
Even if peace isn't so good.
You like keeper of zoo
Who open the cages of tiger, lion,
Serpent, gorilla, Hispanic and Nigger, Bloods and Crips.
So was no justice for stranger or neighbor,
I know where you live and hear about crime,
Brutal abduction of children, beating of women,
Selling of drugs and shooting of guns,
So was no justice and everyone hate you,
But you was late from you office one night
When one of you wictims rob you and whip you
With pistol beneath crime prewenting light.
You recognize you perp's face,
Because you was advocat release
Before you uconscious and rush to emergency
To surgeon broken bones of you face.
So it was expected you learn you lesson.
People is betting you change or be same.
Now you return we gonna find out.

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