'Blatnoy in the Land of Contradiction' (c) 2005 Marjorie Kaye
Art by Marjorie Kaye
Blatnoy and the Boss

Dreg of country
Become cop
Or secret police.
Only young punk
Who know nothing else:
Failure in school
And will to control,
Or sometime most cruel
Like Marquis de Sade,
Who discover it early
Impulse in self,
So then disguise
In dignified uniform
Shiny bright buttons,
Greatcoat and stripes,
Especially gun,
Regalia like this
To impress the duraks.
So no surprise big man AA,
Police man and pope
Plain clothes in group
Who dominate weak.
Like Lenin and Stalin
Was ruling in Russia
You hear him reveal
He was sergeant police
Now he lay down law
Of how to not drink,
Traditions and rules,
Steps to obey,
March to his orders,
Or wery discomfort you stay.
It is correct.
He look like pervert
Bald head with white fringe,
Round Irish face,
Red and aggress,
Little Napolean,
Still move like baboon,
You feel his force,
He boss of church basement,
So you can imagine
Him searching in crypt
For something to fuck.

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