'Blatnoy in the Land of Contradiction' (c) 2005 Marjorie Kaye
Art by Marjorie Kaye
Blatnoy and Frankenstein

You hear how this monster
Say he abhorring perfection
Because he enlightened
By ego deflation,
This Frankenstein creature,
Gigantic, stupid, and creaking,
Criminal beast,
Who beat up his wictims,
Especially batter
His women and children,
He would crucify Jesus
When he was drinking
Because he so anger
At injustice, corruption
And want paradise world
Like social utopia,
Instead of strahna limona,
Cesspool of evil,
Planet like toilet
Unclean and unflush.
He would be Lenin and Stalin,
Historical hero,
Grandest delusion,
If only was justice.
You can believe
He speak like expert.
Now he self knowledge,
Proud to be humble,
Awoiding perfection
He go in other direction,
Like stand in a corner
When toilet is stinking.

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