'Blatnoy in the Land of Contradiction' (c) 2005 Marjorie Kaye
Art by Marjorie Kaye
Blatnoy Explains His Racist Attitude

Can you imagine
To work with a nigger?
You colleague sub-human
Who protect by a union
Take siesta in middle of day,
Or wrecking equipment,
Say, "Fuck M. T. A!"
For ages uncounted
His ancest in Africa
Sleeping at noon
In hot, humid jungle
Was plucking banana
In bunches from tree.
Beside, he hate it and say,
"Here in land of honkey,
My people was slave,
Reparation me."
Honkey? Monkey!
I tell you I saw it and heard in person.
Better in prison.

In Russia, I was respected,
Professional man,
Engineer of Electric,
Proud to contribute
To socialist vision.
Even give speeches
Sparkle like diamond
To members of party
About our great brightness of future
And work on committees
Until I discover
Existence of gulag
Filthy corruption.
It was such horror
I resigning position
And hated by party,

Forbidden to work
Biri Siber, it mean
Take to Siber
It was Sakhalin
Island in archipelago
Condemned to hard labor
For seven year
Then I permitted return
Slum of Muslim republic,
Unofficial forbidden to work,
Even picking up garbage
While children and wife,
Struggle in Moscow.
I dream, dream of America
Where even nigger is free
Like Revelation of heaven,
Or vision of prophet
Cleaving through clouds
To blaze in my brain,
Craving for freedom
And working black market
Taking revenge, kill who I can,
While applying for visa,
Pretending I Jew
To practice in freedom
Ancestor religion.
Finally permission
Allow me escape
Dreaming of work
And revel in freedom.
First to Jerusalem,
Then I come here.
But what I can do
Having no English?
I only can work
As light bulb maintainer
In subway car of T. A.

Recital by Author
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