'Blatnoy in the Land of Contradiction' (c) 2005 Marjorie Kaye
Art by Marjorie Kaye
Blatnoy and the Ferry Boat Pilot

If he exist
Creator of human
Picking through trash
Of anonymous paupers,
Wreckage for Potter,
In rubble strewn field,
Reclaiming remains
Of flesh He create
Buried on island
Shrouded in fog
Not far from you city,
And this Jehovah
Have need of Charon
To ferry His corpses,
And He moving so slowly,
Bending and crouching,
Pick up, examine, and tossing
Bones, skulls of His wictims
And stuff some into His sack
To reassemble,
Breathe back to life,
This crazy Jehovah,
Who cannot control
World He create-
He been destroyer of Russia-
From beginning,
And also US.
For Him is long puzzle
To make a new Adam,
Homo sovieticus,
Chameleon creatures
Who seek self-adwantage
Like hooey seek sex
Only to fuck
These are His children
Americans, too,

Is why they so eager
To welcome such refugee in.
How he proceed?
He cannot succeed
Without laboratory
To try to make clone.
So he go searching,
Squat on His haunches,
Connecting knee bone to thigh bone,
Hip bone to head bone
Like imbecile child
Finally, he finish His golems.
Of course, he disguise.
Usually look like blue-collar worker,
Municipal servant, gray and weary,
On subway at dawn,
Though sometimes
He carnate upper official.
So, it's no surprise
Some ferry boat pilot
Forget his blood pressure pill,
Black out at wheel
And smashes whole boatload
Of taxpayers and perps
Into wall of concrete
When docking his boat
Crushing and cracking
The bones and the flesh.
Is only creatures Jehovah.
It making no difference
No matter they sue.
Why he run home
To slit his two wrists

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