'Blatnoy in the Land of Contradiction' (c) 2005 Marjorie Kaye
Art by Marjorie Kaye
Blatnoy and the War on Terror

So you preferring Kerry to Bush
Because you believe dog turd and horse shit
Liberal tell you—Spin doctor like dervish—
And swallow disinformation so quickly
You nevuh see truth if it spit in you face
And when you discussing presidential campaign
And historic liberation and election Iraq
Never debate, only abuse pour out of you mouth
Like fire from gargoyle fall in siege of city.
Your mind is like clam that cannot be open
Or clam that is bearded and little
To take in each hooey that wanting to cum
But everyone know United States army is shocking and awing.
In Najaf alone is killing 300 in only two days.

When raghead on rampage ramming his taxi
And you flesh and you buildings bursting in flame
You regret you tolerate turbans.
Better like Putin who crushes Chechnya
With jackboots of thousands.
When hostage taken, sacrifice hostage.
He detonate structure and poison with gas
Whoever inside he don't fuck around.
Innocent, guilty, it is no matter
However they hide.
He remember the footage of soldiers on cross,
Viscera show on nation's TV
So mother can shudder and vomit.

So Grozny razed. He reduce it to rubble.
In meeting in secret Putin declare,
"Holocaust too good for jihadists.
Bush see into my soul? Let him look deep.
I going to kill and to kill until Russia can sleep."
Army deprived of support and over-extended
In Baghdad, Najaf and Baquba keeping you safe
From suicide bombers who drive like Hollywood actors,
Villain and hero to blaze up you children and women.
But here in U.S., too stupid to see you safety depend

On profile, surveillance, detainment, torture and slaughter.
Muslim and black man who hate you
Both is like monkey. From Afric already is clear.
But Arabia also produce sub-human creature, suicide ape
Who dream of salvation but not yet ascended to man.
Who can believe monkey in heaven have virgin?
It is explain in great book by Julian Jayne
Bicameral Mind how primitive savage
Hear voices, see vision in corpus colosum
Of Mohammad and Allah directing his life.

You cannot protect civilized nation from Muslim fanatic,
Osama Bin Laden and One-Eye Zarqawi.
They speak like Gods in brains of sub-humans.
Is only one answer—camp of internment and pre-emptive action,
But you is preferring Kerry to Bush.

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