Art (c) 2005 Paul Cordes Wilm
Dinah's Diner
Slipping from the frying pan
and from the bachelor's griddle
to the blue plates of cabooses,

Sally's famous eggs relieve
the thin air about the old main springs
wearing digital wrist watches.

The heavy mists sit upon pistons
at a greased mess hall's tongue

and within gaps along
the wall of the exhaust manifold,

like common tubs of lard,
before escaping the morning's lingering
internal combustion engines,

stained T-shirts to the torqued
suites of powerhouses.

From the high-fiber Rocketts of health bars
the engineers and low class luck thrivers
transport freightful ideas on the ties Chicago and boss-town:

the dining car memorial, a computer chip
sealed in a junk food, microwave bag.
Music by Brian Hutzell
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