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In October 2005, the “Festival du Nouveau Cinéma” presented my film “Liaisons” but the festival also asked me to present a lecture on the “making of” my two NFB films, “Liaisons” and “Rupture”.

It also asked that, with Jean Derome, Liaisons and Rupture’s music composer, we present a live performance based on images pulled from those two films.

Jean Derome brought in two great musicians to improvise, live, on my images, Joane Hétu and Pierre Tanguay.

The evening was pure magic, the musicians did such a fabulous job, it was like rediscovering, in us, layers of magical, shamanistic experience.

The music was recorded by Bernard Grenon ( who also made a superb 5.1 Surround version of it.

The whole performance is 45 minutes long, this is “only” a short excerpt, but, with the musicians, we plan on presenting it again in different venues, from music to film festivals, this is too special not to do it again, and again. . .

At the time of writing, the next presentation of the Happening will be held at the “Casa Obscura,” in Montréal, on April 5th.

Jean Detheux


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