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"Daydream Mechanics V"

Gallery 4 "Daydream Mechanics V"

This is the title of a piece for string quartet composed by Michael Oesterle. I had the good fortune of hearing it performed live, in Montréal, by the Quatuor Bozzini (Isabelle Bozzini, cellist in the quatuor, took part in the recording of the music of my NFB film “Liaisons”). “Daydream mechanics V” (and the marvelous interpretation by the Quatuor Bozzini) made a huge impression on me and I went home afterwards determined to try my hand at giving it a visual form. It was so intense an experience that I ended up with a first draught of an 11 1/2 minutes animation in about two weeks (those who animate will know this is highly unusual, animation is usually a lot slower than that).

It is still very much a work I progress, but the initial reactions from those who have seen it “as is” (including Michael Oesterle and the musicians of the Quatuor Bozzini) made me decide to share some moments of it now.

Lots of work left to refine this as much as the music demands, but what a joy it is to work with it.

Jean Detheux

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"Daydream Mechanics V"
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