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"Sogna Sakha 2005"

Gallery 5 "Sogna Sakha 2005"

Once again, Thierry Van Roy took one of my original clips (“Sogna Fiore Mio”), stripped it if its music, and replaced it by something else.

And “something else” it sure is: Thierry is also an ethnomusicologist, and during one of his trips to Siberia (Sakha Republic) during which he not only recorded a radio documentary on “French immersion schools” in that region, he also collected fast disappearing shamanic songs of the Yakuts. Yakuts are a nomadic tribe now becoming more and more sedentary, and while there, Thierry wanted to record as much of their traditional songs as possible.

He had with him a portable DVD player and he showed a silenced “Sogna Fiore Mio” to an incredible shamanic singer, Stepanida Borissova. She looked at it several times, before improvising a song to it, and Thierry recorded it (beautifully I might add) and, when back in Brussels, arranged it so that it would be animation ready.

When I heard the incredible voice and presence of Stepanida, I felt my images did not do justice to her work so I added a few things to the original images, changing the canvas proportions as well.

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"Sogna Sakha 2005"
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