Poèm de Anne Portugal
Traduction de Raymond Federman
Translation by Raymond Federman
  Music by Guthrie Lowe
  Art by Liz Amini-Holmes
Art © 2006 Liz Amini-Holmes
original French unavailable

Best regards
fair eye whoever
you may be silence
carries the furniture
to you
and the entire mountain
when it is visible
the past pains
no longer hurt
even the corridor
is covered
with golden knobs
and when a man is refined
in some corner of his mind

he is also refined in love


Seen from this angle
from the horizon
inevitably a rushing of the heart
towards night occurs
one does not wish
other crossings
towards other lights
and if it is possible
one sees many believable pains
one sees many words
quickly shaped
with the mouth
and on the registration form
in the evening
one crosses out
the specific inscriptions


Seen from this angle
from the crossing lit
by flames one would see
a bark covering
another bark
because of night
and the back
the water squeezes them
instead of stretching
the entire nape
and to revise
in its entirety the chapter
on the conversion of the sinner

Seen from this angle
sixty vine-growers
Oh God get it over with
sit at the table
on a beautiful day
at least it has to be
which resembles them
simple mirrors
in the reflection of the lavabo
and the first to wear the medal
sees himself
in the beginnings of the sky

Best regards
beautiful shore what we
call living-room
is open to the blonde
upon whom weighs a pound
of flowers the grocers
drink wine without
looking at the decoration
the hinges of the coffer
and the light from the sky
falls in little copper


Best regards
the lighthouse hotel it
snowed yesterday
it didn't disturb
the level of the linen-drapers
it didn't raise
the thermostats
in the rooms
to 40 degrees
they'll stay cold
and in the same order
and the same ordinance
the dead's nakedness
or the circle's circumference


Best regards
Beau regard eyes
closed in the morning
by smoke mixed
with carbon thunder
he will have escaped
the upright man
and without a coat
the lamb goes
from yellow to green
and without laughter


Best regards
hotel excelsior behind
the doors one reads
the winter prices
the summer prices
and the difference
tightens the heart
only authority
can enlighten
a hoop encircling
the basin
and the fish
and to enter the grand salon
one takes back
all the air in the world


Seen from this angle
the forest
touches the solid
and transparent
head of the dead
mingles it with these
with those
so they may remember
they could be fattened
until they reach
a propriety stretching
to the main road
and that is not a detail
that some may
not find satisfactory


Seen from this angle
huge general sleep
in the cubicles
the numbers obscurity
and in a few seconds
the desire
to order a cold drink
and on this unreachable hope
by this letter
and all that holds
as if beyond the world
it rains
and what is this problem
where are the little numbers
where are the large ones