Poetry by Michael Marks
  Art by Liz Amini-Holmes
  Recitals by Author
…from Pieces of the Evolution Revolution
'Gamboling' © 2006 Liz Amini-Holmes




Garage sale voyeur lonely Cortez crosses
out of his comfort kingdom over the tracks
for token admittance into another hood
he serenades the cultured natives in
their dirt floor harmony warehouse club
called Soul Jazz City sharing paper bag rum
in the exotic splendor of foreign soil
he horns a music peace of brass and spit
reeding through tension fretting asylum
gamboling innocence into freedom
the sax runneth over conquistador
trading a tabasco smile for an habanero glare
he rewards himself with their advising princess
attune to his tango flavor of vibrations.





Shimacanes coasting hit skip path
loose layers peeling callus habit
Venice to Atlantis oil to gas
a chad a flap a burr a broken end
hailing moolah to refine megopola
warts scabs blisters rutted nails
silent cyclops encircled by wind knives
broken cuticle pumping fungus
engulfing all barriers on a saintless passage
biting off rough edges as discovered
chasing pipelined shelter with a floodwater pox
crawling through the split skin infection
writing a new act of tragedy raining terror
to chew but never swallow drowning jazzmen.

'Shimacanes' © 2006 Liz Amini-Holmes