Poetry by Michael Marks
  Art by Liz Amini-Holmes
  Recitals by Author
…from Pieces of the Evolution Revolution
'Swim, Fly, Breathe' © 2006 Liz Amini-Holmes



Diving out of the dusty painting
once hanging over my parents’ couch
of a callow pacific village where
no one in the family ever went,
I floated in and out of snuff and grime,
sweeping over my motel ego as I was expelled
into a ritual deplaning traffic jam
of vehicles banking like pond-stocked koi.
Unbuckled, I hypotenused to daylight.
Impossible to speak in an uniambic cadence,
I swim a little, fly a little, breathe a lot;
Swatting elegance into turpitude,
I never get the final peanut butter out of the jar,
but I almost made it to Tahiti.

'Socrates Pig' © 2006 Liz Amini-Holmes



Mustard grinned preparing spring I caramelize
the medicine of education with
a curative capsicum sting of knowledge
matching the nose of the man in the crescent moon
salad-eyed summer baking I sheet
the written words off my continental chest
of sand to walls of growing splendor
as Andy and his dog clone each others’ swagger
autumn cool in a steak sauce frenzy
the owl and elephant debate on who
will tail in the race of silent thunder
as the planet slowly cracks on its axis
banana drying on the rack of winter
bearing grudges I lie like Socrate’s pig.