Art by Ken Keegan
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'Art'  2006 Ken Keegan
The Necrophiliac's Diary


I am the best lifeguard on the beach,
always the first to reach
the flailing arms, the floating hair.
Swimming toward statues
through clouds of white arms.

Loaves of Bread

Coming in out of the cold
my glasses steam over
in bakery heat
can’t read hand printed tags
so just point and get
solid dark brown loaf of brown bread
slide coins across
counter top dense with rolls
and buns crusty with cheese
baked color of the skull
an old bearded man
clutches in painting
window of old book store
on narrow cobblestone street
an old man close to being
a skull himself but
still this side of his scalp
minutes later on the street
I pass a burly man bearded
and worn like the old man
in the painting
an antique skull come alive
walking snowy streets
between stone cathedral walls

'Art'  2006 Ken Keegan