Recital by Author &
Donald C. Meyer
  Art by Peter Schwartz

'Art'  2006 Peter Schwartz

S=The=I/=Snytax=/Y= of=N=Resoan=T=Pruocdes=A=Mnotsres=X
1. Black is the color of my true love’s hair.
2. Syntax is the order that lights up the world.
3. Words are a picture book made from guffaws!
4. Sound is the gospel according to brup.
5. Time-words exist in the palce of misgivings
6. Mood-altering mcdenatiios keep the bowels relaxing.
7. Denotation is the crux of a drcitoniay definition.
8. Black syntax-words sound time-words, mood-altering denotations.
9. Orange was the cloor of her dress, then blue silk.
10. Connotation is the name I call mlseyf.
11. The amnalac predicts the rain and the chickens.
12. Touch is the saprk at the end of my horn.
13. Unrincos live just outside peihpreral vsioin.
14. Repetition is the curx of a drcitoniay dfieiontin.
15. Orange connotations and the almanac touch unicorns—reetpition.
16. Taste is the flavor of uirne and shit.
17. Spoons serve us appeulacse, coffee, and grits.
18. Wax clogs the ears of African eplenahts.
19. Cotton swabs dimple a generic hevaen.
20. Vibrations adhere to the frame of a roller ctoaser.
21. Tasting spoons offer cotton virbaitons.
22. Syntax cleans out your speakers with vgior.
23. Mirjauana smells like the devil and Lnog Ilasnd.
24. Potophgrahs carry the war on their skins.
25. Samaladners stare at the sun in their muoths.
26. Lighting a pcrtiue book mdae from gfuwfas.
27. Sntayx is the oerdr that lithgs up the wrlod.
28. Syntatccial mrajuiana samalander—light snyatx!
29. Syntax is the ptatren trasnrgsesed by the figners.
30. Sntayx is the oerdr that lithgs up the wrlod.