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Donald C. Meyer
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What readers are saying about Multifesto: A Henri d’Mescan Reader


GREAT GOOD FUN…the final sections alone are worth the trouble of ordering an exam copy from Spuyten Duyvil, even if you have no intention of ever teaching such a delightful book.”—Edu-tainment Weekly

A COMMANDING VOICE…the editors involve themselves in every degrading sexual activity you’ve ever heard of.”—The New Amsterdam Book Review

RIVETING….a suspenseful and nonsensical LAYOUT, right up to that oh-so-sweet and violent climax…college textbooks don’t get much better THAN this.”—The Publican Weekly

INTRIGUING ANTAGONISTS: the man versus the other man who might be the other man or another man versus the woman who might be them all. Their dueling turns Multifesto into a mildly perplexing—but often readable—offering.”—Peeple

SWIFT PACING AND MULTIPLE PLOT TWISTS…Phoenelia Yeer places the entire patriarchal regime under a delightful ERASURE.”—Anonymous

“…constitutes an AUTHORITATIVE, yet truly readable guide to the complexity of fiction and criticism CHOKING the 20th century with its own self-important noise. This resource contains in-depth selections grouped according to time period and SUPPOSED author along with an obscene amount of seemingly unrelated footnotes. The editors TRACE the impact of Henri d’Mescan in his various fields, which range through the arts, social sciences, politics, science and technology, popular culture, the media, and feminism. Here is an indispensable aid to understanding the rapidly aging spirit of an OBSOLETE world.”—Un-American Book Review

DAMN EFFECTIVE…d’Mescan captivates you with his confusing characters the way few authors can.”—Tim Clunky, author of The Hut of the Red Octopus, Verve Cliché, and Breakdown: Superstring Theory and the Threat to Democracy.

GUT-WRENCHING…Davis Schneiderman’s complex psychological thriller picks up the reader and SPRAYS her in the face with WINDEX.”—Hans Dialectic, Saturnine Evening Post

A MAJOR WORK…MAGNIFICENT…POWERFUL…If books about writers and editors and the woman who love them were given medals or monuments for authenticity, insight, and honesty, Multifesto would most likely be considered.”—The Supermarket Gazette

THE BOOK OF MORMON meets THE X-MEN crossed with TERMS OF ENDEARMENT” —Jerkus Reviews

“The MOST impractical, incoherENT, ANd inaccessible way to teach d’Mescania I have never read, largely because my copy was ‘lost in the maIL.’”—JaMEs FreY, enormously famous author.

“HenRI d’M-Who?”—HenRY MEescaline