Recital by Author &
Donald C. Meyer
  Art by Peter Schwartz
'Flag' © 2006 Peter Schwartz

NC-17 Flesh on a TV-14 Frame

Cutting up the atrophied post-haste of the Sodexho Alliance corporate concern in the ligaments of post-capital, post-ironic, postmarked boob-tube culture, the shock artist must immerse himself/herself/itself in the orocess of intellectual neutering…

First stage is the inhalation of alternate personalities vis-à-vis the computer pipeline chat room too sick drunk fucky you sucky with me now…

“Jimbo, we’ve got us a smarty pants here. What the TYPE do we do with it?”

“No way to tell so deep in this shithole, Arnut” (rogering the fishwife) “It’s blacker than West Virginia pussy at midnight so you can blow that phallocentric distillation of the ‘self’ and that TYPE-reflexive schizophrenia out your friggin’ cornhole.” (SNOGGING THE BOOTBLACK) “Connect *me* to the ear or hair with a non-carbon-based tubing mechanism. That’s cyborg shit! How dare you?” (Powdering somebody else’s wig)

“Right you are Boss@neuralgia.cum. I’ll jack in the nodes of your a virtual happy meal, if I can just find my way to http://OakBrookIllinois~RonaldMcDonald Douglas/…” (Recoiling in mayonnaise).

We split and consolidate; screech and reconnect—it’s all shot real tasty for the blue movies, the dark continents, the sub-genus of mitochondria infesting our stomachs and insinuating itself into the arrangement of the organism across the fruited plane of immanence. Stage two is complete. Eunuchs of the web unite! Serialization on its way.

…And so we learned our lessons in the cradle of youth; threading tubes of clear plastic through our orifices like so much sausage concatenated from the romance of fading gaslights. The face that meets the faces that meets the horrific sunset scattered with flakes of glowing metal pushing into the cornea. The beautiful labia of the earth’s mantle, speckled with grey moss frozen in time, flanked in the distance by the phosphorescence of a thousand small flowers, chloride and lime-blossoms, their leaves showered by the soft spray of uranium mist, their bloom adorned with soft and deliberate black petals.