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Antepodean Antics
Poetry by Michael Farrell

'Hayden's Serenade' by Suchoon Mo
'Resistence is Interior' by DK McDonald

'Resistence is Interior' by DK McDonald

pooh & selected

rainbows come from films. geometry with edges. are honeycomb, cry
untangling Plateau, still life, he gazed to soap losing his
observations. he evolved in a bubble the walls—no angle—
again experiment. how intricate these forces. and water; milk and
one oxygen, defining boomerangs. in a pond, fly to development,
Leonardo entered his notebook, as pooh “That excessive weight, breaks.”
why. Think. Forget a bit. Now target the neighbouring dimensions—
, left and right, zero. at the top be-bulk you

resistance is interior, making a taut role in the roots
called the insect’s trampoline. da Vinci’s tension and Charles could
follow classic and minimal and quartz, the Earth’s liquid thread.
using abstract rubber as knowledge his white light stable acts
I’ll call a relaxed laser one. ular, the more is
a sphere, rain-pull from a tap before astronauts, ideal

beautiful and elastic, like ex-water, so curvature, ex-
the lifetime of pooh the same sea cream, a rift
flows so plastic applies. mathematical theory of meaning. a highway

that obvious: is elusive. how a small being of cube.
nearly a tour de lem and also the presence is
dry separate the volume to define the size. in science,
difficult laying of crystals, a strange-wire, the tested conjecture,
inconclu-opti-coupled do everything, pushed under a spatula. human
understanding, twentieth-century simplicity in the home, design fire-flames.
The first tech-aquarium a modern office Paris of the atomic

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