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Antepodean Antics
Poetry by Michael Farrell

'Hayden's Serenade' by Suchoon Mo
'Badbye' by DK McDonald

'Badbye' by DK McDonald


in the stumbling quick-enough her metaphor, “meaningless to have
coal undergone and two milk the two ... and now into
the kitchen that hole. scream away the scene. a fresh
affair good to ex-, however, expanded to catch hell enjoy sucker
Buster years, in any town a strange school, I hungered
I was bait a boy to you, and you were
him backwards how I peared against duty, and for it.
time, permanently the law saved being. I know that later

more than lived. he is run-ning noth-ing survived the street-
wreck a bit. We the tough chunks happy, morning. boys
sealed the situation of change through another police, his own
at school a victim was a hero. home was experience

there was nothing and candy, the worst poison. greener was
a lawyer when he was shot by the future. in
the east time, in the back we licked. one summer
bad shape. the spare door began to prowl, and bottle,
“My dog?” Tom said, stripped of his twigs and cobweb
next. I think well of tin cans in the house,
string thieves whistled through the china. some tender dark smack

broke her, and cried out we were wild and helpless.
the debris, a pumpkin, a candle, pretty nature back in
the morning with the wind. and threated to enter. Some
walk: I remember, careless and great, after. a horror of
every- sulted his horse and many men work. In advertising

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