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Antepodean Antics
Poem byJayne Fenton Keane

'Hayden's Serenade' by Suchoon Mo
'Parable of Unlimited Minutes' by DK McDonald

'Parable of Unlimited Minutes' by DK McDonald
All the World's a Pilfer

On the occasion of an experience with algebra
simply define how to embrace its particulars –
ambiguous texture, ambivalent gravity
force you to the core of what is palpable.

Now appear to yourself in the eye of a wet brush
Exultation can be engineered, the mathematician
greets you at a u-turn in the middle of your sentence –
strange being taken for granted by yourself.

The total of thought is a physical milestone
as solid as a cave-in, desire is dangerous.
Voluptuous syntax fucks expectations.
Speech is broken and adjectives become thee.

I am not afraid of persona as cliché
confession as an operatic tear trying to score.
I’m on the list trying to clear my throat
deep breathing in white space and code.

You are sheer momentum of propositions.
A world of simple absence-as-evidence lurking
in diagrammatic polyphonic ecstasy. Yes you
are quick to vowel and interval and vibrant aftermaths.

We are close to the sea of aberration
scrawling elegant commerce diagrams on unattended
whiteboards. Infinite reality in the now of our hypotheticals
embalmed in emblems, uttering secret peripherals.

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